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erm.... Tim, where is the fantastic new forum we were promised?

-- Sean (sean@hopelesslyinlove.co.uk), March 25, 2001


u must b the only 1 that doesn't know. and i must b the only 1 kind and nice and lovely and beautiful and dodgy and evrything else thats good 2 tell u coz no 1 else seems 2 be replyong(!) The new forum u were promised is all over the place.U r on about pillow tlk r'nt u. well, just click on the pillow tlk icon that is EVERYWHERE and evntually u'll get 2 it. since we're the only 2 here, ; ), is u're snke still in good working order?! c ya! ginger

-- ginger (ginger_claire2002@yahoo.com), March 26, 2001.

yet again I seem 2 b having a conversation with myself. Dats ok. I could always start up my own www site on this question board, but that would b cruel. NEway, if NE1 reads this bfore tuesday night bout 7;00 , then wish me luck, for Ginger Claire will b staring in the "Melodrama" Maria Marten, hooooooow exciting. U can c me scream my head off and other "interesting" stuff. I don't blame u if u dont come and c it, not at all, promise. The other play is only(Only? I'm not meaning to b mean here) Sean bing funny and scary at the same time. U pay a pound 2 c sean act V. strangly, u don't even have 2 get him drunk 2 c that! (Sean, I'm joking,Still luv u! JOke) c ya all tonight, not not not not not not. Ginger xxx ;D

-- ginger (ginger_claire2002@yahoo.com), March 27, 2001.

Wow, this is getting scary now. Not even SEan is on here NEmore. Am I gonna b replyin 2 my last message on here by meself???? Pout, If i get off this M. board then will people, (inc. Sean) Come back onto here and mayb REPLY 2 NEthin i've said??? Or should I just give up on the talking-2-self-thing??? C ya no-1 out there! ginger )Yet again)

-- gingerclaire (ginger_claire2002@yahoo.com), March 31, 2001.

ok....well ginger dont fret too much dear and sean@hopelesslyinlove.co.uk? u 2 have issues...;)

-- sam (muffy_the_vampire_slayer@hotmail.com), April 02, 2001.

Yeah!!!!Some1 came on2 ere!!!!!!!!perhaps some of da things i wtrote bout me and other people were a bit personal. whoops. won't tlk bout my "issues" live onwww NEmore. Thanku sam 4 rsvping, gotta go gingaxxxxxxx ;D p.s- I have now got a MSN thingy, where u chat online. my address is= ginger_claire2002@passport.com

-- non-stalker-girl!!! (ginger_claire2002@yahoo.com), April 08, 2001.


-- ooga (uyguy@uyfgujygf.com), June 01, 2004.

-- ooga (uyguy@uyfgujygf.com), June 01, 2004.

wot languaje iz zat?

سنی اسلام

-- HEAVE HO (overseer@pyramidbuildersinc.org), June 05, 2004.

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