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I just came back from my MV dealer and low and behold, my new factory exhaust system was in. It is the MV agusta special parts system with new eprom. It looks exactly like stock, but there are no baffles internally. When you look down the pipes they are about 3x wider inside than stock. I was told that it is the same system that is coming on the SPR. I was also told that Ferracci put them on his oro and it made more on the dyno, don't know how much. I just installed them and the eprom, very easily done. The hard part was getting all 4 pipes to line up 30mins of fanagling. The sound is much different than stock. At idle it has a deeper tone, rumble. When the revs build it really screams, sounds like and F1 car to me. I think the CO sensor will need to be adjusted as it is a little rough at idle. I will test it this weekend, and have the CO adjusted at the 600 mile service. These pipes even have the same markings and EPA numbers as stock. I think some of the other systems out there look nice, but the F4 rear is a work of art, and now we can have our beauty and more power and sound too.

-- Jason Cohen (jdcohenmd@home.com), March 24, 2001


do they have these in stock, ready to sell?

-- jim Stanton (jimjib@altavista.com), March 25, 2001.

do u have any pics showing the differences compared to stock u mentioned ?


-- eric in hongkong (eric.wong@cyberdude.com), March 26, 2001.

The pipes are in stock at Ferracci, and I know my dealer, Motofixx in Norwalk CT. has a few, but most are sold. As for pictures, They look Identicle to stock, except if you look down your stock pipes, you will see the baffles taper down. In the race pipes it is straight, no taper.

-- Jason Cohen (jdcohenmd@home.com), March 26, 2001.

Can you tell us if the factory exhaust is ligther than the stock ones or not? Are they make with the same material? I am wondering if you say the pipes looks the same than why do you have to buy it? Can you just take out the baffles from the stock ones? Did you buy the full system or just the cans? I am thinking of getting a factory one myself if only that is substantial difference. Thanx.

-- Takie Chan (tchan748@yahoo.com), March 27, 2001.

I have just installed onto my F4S and put 200 miles on the CRC Special Parts exhausts from Cagiva and agree with Jason's observations. Aesthetically, virtually identical in material, finish, and construction to the originals...and therefore preferable to any other option available. Manufactured by Arrow, and with the same EPA, DOT, and factory stampings as the stock slip-on. At idle, about an octave lower rumble...not much louder. When reved under load, however, a glorious "ripping canvas" scream...not deafening, but close...very different from stock, where all one hears is the sound of air induction. The internal diameter when viewed from the tips is at least 2-3x that of the stock...no tapering or evidence of restrictive baffling. Weight is slightly less. With accompanying EPROM, power in the midband seems noticably smooother and greater. CO measurements at the exhaust after conversion where right on...no need to trim the pot in the computer. Bike seems ( and is) much more aggressive with this exhaust! I suspect splitting the welds and removing the baffling from the stock exhaust might produce a similar (and less expensive), though not as refined a result. This type exhaust, it is speculated, will likely be offered as an option on the SPR...I don't see how it can be standard if the SPR is to be street legal. Furthermore, I'm not sure F4S owners using this exhaust and ordering an SPR will be able to fit this exhaust to their SPR ...there may be, if nothing else, a difference in pipe diameter at the point of sli

-- Larry Wolf (a1dasa1@swbell.net), April 09, 2001.


Did you get the exhaust from Ferracci, or is there another supplier in the US?

-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@cswnet.com), April 12, 2001.

The Racing Exhaust and its EPROM are imported by Cagiva USA (Larry Ferracci), bears a Cagiva part number, and should therefore be available from Cagiva through any Cagiva dealer. MSRP is $1550. Ferracci is offering the exhaust at that price...Jason's dealer in Connecticut is asking mo

-- Larry Wolf (a1dasa1@swbell.net), April 13, 2001.

Does anyone know this part number?

-- Fabio Andrade (fandrade@ukans.edu), April 26, 2001.

Anyone know where I can get one in the UK??

-- willy (ginnyoneuk@yahoo.co.uk), April 30, 2001.

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