APX 25, 100. Contrast to high under overcast conditions.

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Been having a high contrast neg problem with several pro labs in L.A. with APX 25 (120) and APX 100 (4x5). Both labs use Xtol. Both films are processed normal at mgf's rated speeds (25 & 100).

This is shooting landscapes in very low contrast lighting conditions. Totaly overcast skys. The contrast range metered is 4 to 5 f stops.

T Max 100 (4x5) under the same condidtions produce much longer scale negs. Any ideas?

-- James Loftus (jdloftus@earthlink.net), March 24, 2001


A contrast range of 4-5 stops is normal to a little above normal. If you use an ISO at the specs the shadows are probably too thin. Try a different ISO and ask the lab to cut the dev by 20%. james

-- james (james_mickelson@hotmail.com), March 25, 2001.

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