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I have just purchased a VO-1000 from the ACL/SAL HS at the Ocala Expo 2001 train show, and need help as where to place the horne. I have looked a photos and in one the horne is on the cab roof, and in another photo it is on the hood in front of the cab. If the hood is corect, is it placed in the center of the front windows or to the side. The drawing shows the hone on the front hood, is this as delivered? Any help would be appreciatd, Allen L. Wiener, Ocala, FL

-- Allen L. Wiener (, March 24, 2001


Allen, I have searched all the S.A.L references in my collection and have found most photographs to be taken after these units were repowered with EMD engines (1962-63). I have found only one photograph (unit 1402) of the S.A.L. VO1000 in un-modified form, which shows no horn on the roof and four short exhaust stacks. Further, a book about Baldwin diesel locomotives shows most, but not all, VO1000 switchers to be delivered new with the horn in the centre of the hood near the cab.

references: 'Seaboard Motive Power' by Warren L. Calloway and Paul K. Withers and 'Diesels From Eddystone:The Story Of Baldwin Diesel Locomotives' by Gary W. Dolzall and Stephen F. Dolzall.

Hope this helps....

-- Andrius Kairaitis (, March 27, 2001.

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