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An Ansett flight from Canberra to Sydney was grounded yesterday when a fault was discovered in the plane's hydraulic system during pre-flight checks.

Ansett public affairs manager Heather Jeffery said a leak in the hydraulic system was identified in the rear cargo hold during pre-flight checks while the plane was stationary at Canberra Airport.

The four-engined British Aerospace 146 plane had completed a flight from Sydney and was preparing for the return trip, due to leave at 9.20am (AEDT), she said.

The problem would probably have developed during the flight from Sydney, Ms Jeffery said.

Safety was never compromised, she said, describing the fault as "a maintenance issue".

"It was a minor issue," Ms Jeffery said.

"In a car it would be like a minor oil leak.

"There was no question of safety involved."

The aircraft was out of service for three and a half hours.

-- Doris (, March 24, 2001

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