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In answer to posting yesterday I said I hoped those after me were reading it - maybe they were as I got a letter today, the first since November.

They say that a Mr John L Banks called round last week to assess my financial situation but I was not in and that I should contact them within 48 hours to stop County Court Proceedings which they will serve on me next week when they call again.

1) The letter was dated 21st (Weds) post marked 23rd (Fri) with 48 hours to contact. Now where have I heard of that before????

2) They have ignored my recorded delivewry letters of 16/11/00 and 9/12/00 and have given me NOTHING as requested not even the smallest bit of proof.

3) According to letters they sent to the address where I was not resident they have already taken me to both the county and High courts so whay do they need to start again.

I will, of course, be replying by letter. Asking again for doocuments and replies to my letters. I shall raise the Woolf reforms and other such topics as well as their staement in a letter to my MP that I telephoned them and therefore made contact before the Feb 2000 deadline meaning they have 12 years.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated and I will keep the site informed of progress??!!

-- Matt (, March 24, 2001


They reckon they've taken you to the County Court and High Court? Either they did do that (in which case they will presumably have a money judgement order) or they didn't do that and they are misrepresenting the situation.

I seem to recall that in your case there is no MJO?

It also strikes me that you might have a case for asking the Information Commissioner to investigate whether they processing your personal data fairly and accurately, because they do seem to be tying themselves up in knots.

How recently did you last SARN them?

all best,

-- Eleanor Scott (, March 27, 2001.

Not a question really more of an update. The latest has arrived yesterday. Dated Thursday 12th April - no surpise there - but from a new firm of Solicitors this time Curtis in Plymouth (I have seen this lot quite a lot on the site). Basically it is almosat like being back to square one Experto Credite and E J Winter and Son seem to be out of the picture but as they have not answered my letters I cannot be totally sure. They refer to letters that have been sent to me by their clients (RSA) but I have never had anything directly from RSA but totally ignore the fact that my last three letters have been ignored.

Also enclosed was my first I&E form which I have copied and return the original to them (blank of course) and told them I will not complete it. I refered them to all my letters and I wait their response.

Has anyone out there any experience of Curtis, I have found a few old thread but wonder if there is anything more up to date.

Hope you are all well and enjoying this wonderful spring????!!!??!? like weather.


-- Matt (, April 18, 2001.

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