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I think my husband of 15 years has undiagnosed aspergers. It was mentioned in passing during an initial assessment with a therapist. my husband never seems to follow through with counseling. are there any specialists in the memphis area who treat aspergers in adults? can you recommend a book for spouses of persons with aspergers? thanks for any help

-- molly(last name withheld) (, March 23, 2001



I have no knowledge of specialists, but I can give you some info for spouses of AS persons.

1)NAS is said to be putting out a book for AS partners. You can contact them here:

2) Tony Attwood has written a book about AS partners, and that is supposed to come out this month (April). Ask your bookstore if /when it's out.

3) This link has a lot about AS partners (a transcript of a workshop hosted by Tony Attwood):

4) This link might help you too; it is a Delphi Forum for AS Partners (it's easy to register with Delphi, and it's free):

Best wishes, Paulina

-- Paulina (, April 03, 2001.

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