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I was just wondering what wormers would be safe to administer to a young ayrshire calf, still on milk? I've been told to use safeguard at a dose appropiate for the weight of the calf. Any other thoughts? This calf is comming from an auction so I'll have to give it a bunch of vitamins and antibiotics and stuff and I know which one's to use but as far as a wormer, I know that cattle wormers are not sold around here unless you buy them in bulk so I'm hoping that either safeguard or some other typical horse wormer will work. Also, should I apply a pour on? Basically I want to know what I should do as soon as my calf gets home.


-- Suzanne (, March 23, 2001


Response to Safe Wormers

I have a pet steer that I ride and drive. Until I started feeding him food grade Diatomaceous Earth, I alternated 3-4 equine paste dewormers every 2 months for years.

-- ~Rogo (, March 24, 2001.

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