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Hi All I note in an earlier thread someone mentioned a website for the written music, but when I tried to go there, it was restricted! Anyway, what I want is the "proper" musical score of MHWGO that Celine sings. I purchsaed the "offical" sheet music here in NZ for my girlfriend a few months back, back she says it's not nearly as good as the "proper" one, with the "best bits missing". Can anyone help? I need it for piano or keyboard (3/4). Yes, she has altered it by ear, but it's not the same :-)Thanks

-- Peter (, March 23, 2001


Hello Me and my friend are planning 2 sing ur song my heart will go on i was wondering wheathre u can send the music 2 play on the piano 2 us Please could it would mean alot 2 me Please thanking u alot luv riya

-- Riya George (, November 10, 2002.

sorry i dont know how to play piano

-- Kayla Stewart (, December 14, 2002.

hi i am despret for the notes on how to play " my heart will go on " on the keyboard/piano because i know how to play the keyboard please e-mail me with the lyics if u have them thanls

-- Amy Williams (, February 07, 2003.

i really want to play "my heart will go on" on the keybord to show everyone that i really can play. if u have it for keyboard or even the clarinet it would be mostly thanked if u sent it to me.
thank u much.
Much love
god bless

-- Victoria Schreuders (, October 20, 2003.

i have the flute music to MyHeat Will Go On if any1 wants it. i also play piano/keyboard. email me if u have questions. Claudia

-- Claudia Morris (, December 22, 2003.

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