What's the progress on 722?

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What is the progress on SR 722? I know that she was taken to dillsboro, but is she gonna have her wheels turned and quartered at TVRM? Just tell me whats going on, and ANY info would be appreciated. Thanks. Hayes S.

-- Hayes Smith Jr. (drummerdude125@yahoo.com), March 22, 2001


Have you been to GSMR's website? www.gsmr.com One of the FAQ's is about the 722. They might also have some of the pictures of the move you were looking for, if you ask. Dosen't GSMR have their own wheel lathe? or dose Spencer Shops? Go to www.tvrail.com and ask. Sorry if you were expecting an update, but this will more help to you in the long run. Good luck!

-- Evan Whatley (fwhatley@bignet.net), March 25, 2001.

Spencer has a lathe, but it is not used for turning drivers. Tennessee Valley has the only full wheel shop in the South. I really havent taken a trip to the GSMR lately, but I know Greg Dodd and Steve Webb really know what they are doing out there. After all, they did come from the best shop!

-- Hayes Smith Jr. (drummerdude125@yahoo.com), April 12, 2001.

I know TVRM is turning PRR K4 drivers now... go to www.tvrail.com, go to bullitens, then the what is new link, and watch there for 722's drivers.

-- Evan Whatley (fwhatley@bignet.net), May 04, 2001.

GSMR's websit now has one pic of her in their photo gallery.

-- Evan Whatley (mosh_it16@yahoo.com), July 10, 2001.

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