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If you like to mix and match multiple methods and materials (sorry for alliteration!), you may want to check out Joanne Haroutounian's EXPLORATIONS IN MUSIC (Books 1-7). They combine theory, ear-training, analysis, and composition in one book. Includes an optional casstte with rhythm examples to tap & count along with, ear-training work, and examples of classical repertoire for analysis. This book is really worth checking out; requires more planning and study to correlate with what students are learning in lesson book pieces.

Clark's KEYBOARD THEORY, Book 1-6 (Warner Bros) is wonderful in how it takes theory and APPLIES IT DIRECTLY TO THE KEYBOARD. Students make up variations, transpose, harmonize and create accompaniments throughout the entire book. One drawback is students need to be able to read in 6/8 and in key signatures up to 2 sharps. Lots of creativity in this book! Worth using as a model for your own materials for EE level students.

Clark's MUSIC MAKER PART A & B (Warner Bros.) is great for older transfers. No drawings of Chip & Bobo! Very similar to the old WORKBOOKS PART A & B, with "blind-flying' drills. The 2-handed rhythms for tapping can be used as a "rhythm grid" for student compositions. Pick a key or hand position, students can either write out the notation of simply write down finger numbers; having a rhythm supplied will help many students who may not be able to create their own (YET!).


-- John Bisceglia (, March 22, 2001

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