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An investigation is under way after a Glasgow underground train partially came off the tracks because of a faulty rail.

The train on the Glasgow Underground came to a halt 150 yards short of Partick Station after the wheels of two carriages left the tracks at around 6.50am.

No one was injured but 12 passengers had to be walked through the tunnel onto the platform.

Douglas Ferguson, director of operations at Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive, which runs the system, said: "It seems some kind of defect in the rail is the cause, but we still don't know the cause of the defect itself. Every foot of Underground track is virtually inspected every night, and last night was no exception."

The train was the first of the day on the system's inner line. The outer line is still operating although passengers are being warned to expect several days of disruption to the service.

Although the front and rear sections of the three-car train remain on the track, the wheels at the rear of the front car and at the front of the second car left the track.

An investigation is being undertaken by the Health and Safety Executive.

-- Doris (, March 22, 2001

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