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It's that time of year, so what's stressing YOU out? Did I miss any cliches that I ought to know about?

-- Angela (, March 22, 2001


Um... just about everything. I found out last night that my parents are still trying to control me from four states away, which is quite stressful. Bleh.

-- Katie (, March 23, 2001.

I'm stressed out. My friends are stressed out. My grades are bad. My time is short. Any questions?

-- The Archangel Mikey G. (, March 26, 2001.

Don't get stressed out, just fix it. If it can't be fixed, just get rid of it. If it can't be gotten rid of, just get over it.

-- Casheeish the Omnipresent (, April 02, 2001.

I'm stressed out because reading your entries makes me feel ordinary.

-- (, April 13, 2001.

Grades, exams, no sleep, falling asleep whilst walking, friends all arguing, mom ill, friend very ill, death, destruction, general catastrophy, you don't know me, sorry ,bye.

-- Anna (, April 28, 2001.

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