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Jersey/holstein had a bull calf yesterday. It was standing up and nursing. He was standing this morning and one of mama's teats was empty so I know he had been nursing through the night. About an hour ago we went to check, calf was shivering, eyes rolling back. We brought him up to the house and put him by the wood stove, bottle fed some colostrum. He won't suck, it just kind of dribbles down his throat. He's lethargic eyes still rolling. It has been snowing here, real cold in the barn. What can I do?

-- Lena(NC) (, March 22, 2001


I am going through this now too w/ a weak calf. He got cold ,I am pumping him full of electrolites{sp}. Warm him up slowly,when you put your hand in his mouth is it cold? I do not think colostrum will do much good at this point I may be wrong but I think they need to get it w/ in 12 hrs. Will he suck your finger? Give alittle while ,untill late noon,if he still is not eating you will need to tube feed him,do you know how? I was told their temp. will drop quick if they do not get the calories in them and once it hits a point forget it. I have been fighting to keep a calf alive now for 2 weeks and it just wont get better,keep him warm but also note that if you warm him to much you will not beable to put him back outside to fast his temp. will drop to fast and he will get shiver trying to raise it which will waste calories. Good luck...e-mail me if you need help.

-- renee oneill{md.} (, March 22, 2001.

His temp. is 101.8, he's been in the house for about an hour. I have something called Avian super pac, it has vitamins and electrolytes but it is for poultry. Should I try this?

-- Lena(NC) (, March 22, 2001.

He's better now, up walking around.

-- Lena(NC) (, March 22, 2001.

He probally got chilled .Get a shot from the vet either micotil or nuflor {sp} He will be acceptable to pneumonia after this .Watch for scours .How much does he weigh {guess} , you will probally want to keep him in some place warm and bottle feed him .Do not over feed , it will cause scours .A 60 lb calf should get about 1 qt 2x a day

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 22, 2001.

Patty, I hate to tell this on myself. We found out the mailman had been by and banded him. We weren't expecting him until late this afternoon. I guess he was in shock a little. He's up now nursing and jumping around. I feel kind of silly now. Thanks for the responses.

-- Lena(NC) (, March 22, 2001.


Great. Funny though, I have banded maybe 100 or so calves and haven't noticed this. A elasticator will be uncomfortable for a while (try slipping one on your finger), but shouldn't have caused a health problem. Sounds like he may have just got chilled. As mentioned, watch him closely. Best treatment may be keeping him warm, momma's love and fresh milk direct from the milk bar.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, March 22, 2001.

You can help sick calves by keeping teramicison (I can't spell it right) powder usually used on bee colonys. Just put about one half of a sewing thimble's amount in the bottle. This is available at any good feed store and I have used it on all the critters around here/ Also for "mustard butt" see to it that you get a couple of ounces of acidophilus milk into the bottle. Also known as benifical bacteria milk, available at any large grocery store. Look for the word in the nutrinal info area.

-- mitch hearn (, March 28, 2001.

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