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Okay, I'm satisfied that there will be enough support for this project to make a start. I would like to begin with slow films and proceed one at a time. I'll make a new post asking for data on another film about once per week, but I'll continue accepting new data on any film indefinitely.

Kodak Tech Pan - I hate this film. I've taken some absolutely perfect photographs with it, but I've lost far too many great shots because of its finicky contrast characteristics. Nevertheless, it is a film we are always getting requests for information on and it is capable of unbelievable resolution. I swear that Tech Pan negatives I shot with a Pentax H2 and a 1957 f/2 Takumar are easily as sharp (if not more) as anything I've taken with my Mamiya 7 on Ilford Pan F+.

So send me your Exposure Index, development recommendations, agitation recommendations, wry comments, etc. Don't forget to include developer temperature and dilution. Remember, we don't want the stuff you can easily get from Kodak's data sheet, like the standard time in Kodak Technidol, but YOUR unique tips and tricks for this film. (See for an example of how the data will be presented.)

You can post responses here if you wish, or send information directly to me at I'll make a special e-mail folder for this data so I can track it easily. Once I get three or four responses, I'll make a web page and publish it on Unblinking Eye. Then I can update it as necessary when more information is received.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, March 22, 2001


Ed, Thanks for the effort! Are you going to include developers like POTA and Divided D76 which work particularly well with TP? Cheers, Scott

-- Scott Walton (, March 22, 2001.

Scott: if anyone sends in times for POTA and Divided D-76, I will include them.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, March 22, 2001.

Technical Pan @ISO 64. Diafine: part A 1+50 Part B full strength. 3 minutes in A and 3 minutes in B. Agitate gently 5 seconds every minute. Temperature: panthermic. Prints VC 0/1. The sharpest negatives I've ever seen. (Still under refinement)

-- Bill Mitchell (, March 22, 2001.


Looks like you have been busy. I'll give it a try.

My Diafine procedure, 3 minutes in A and 45 seconds in B. EI 64-80. Usually prints on 1 1/2 to 2 1/2. Temperature not critical.

-- Gene Crumpler (, March 22, 2001.

Gene - what about dilutions?

-- Ed Buffaloe (, March 22, 2001.

> Kodak Technical Pan

OK, here goes. All give similar CIs. Agitation is standard inversion 30 sec initial, 5 sec/30 sec.

Ethol TEC (liquid) 1:15 5'30"/ 70F EI 50

Xtol 1:3 12'/70F EI 12

Rodinal 1:100 5'/72F EI 12

Burton 195 6'/68F EI 12

TDLC-103 10'/68F EI 12

C-41 9'/68F EI 16

I too don't really like TP. The curve shape is weird, spectral sensitivity is a bit unnatural, it doesn't like any development or exposure variations and it really doesn't like changes in humidity. I think that for the most part limitations in camera and film-flatness precision and improper technique limit its actual image resolution to no better than a traditional-type (non-document) film such as TMX etc.

-- John Hicks (, March 22, 2001.

The response has been good. See what I have so far at:

ht tp://

-- Ed Buffaloe (, March 22, 2001.

Kodak Technical Pan @EI 32

Rodinal Special 1+60 20 CELSIUS, 15 minutes

I get consistant results with TP for my Minox 8x11 cameras. I like TP better than Agfapan APX 25.

-- martin tai (, March 22, 2001.


I use Diafine straight as recommended by the manufacturer. Bill is trying different dilutions to reduce the timing precision needed for the B solution. The A solution development time is at least 3 minutes. When I dump the A solution, I set my gralab to 60 seconds and when the hand hits 45, I pour in the B solution and give five inversions immediately. When the hand hits 0, I dump the B solution and immediately rinse for 10 seconds with water, then immediatly pour in Rapid fix at film strenght. The negatives are just brilliant!

-- Gene Crumpler (, March 26, 2001.

On a related note Im curious if anyone has ever tried tech pan in Modified Windisch dev sold by the formulary. It states its similar to the old windisch but modified by bill troop. they also recomend it for tech pan.-J

-- josh (, March 26, 2001.

Gene, if you stop back to this thread, what method do you recommend for agitation? Normal inversion type or the up-down shaking that Kodak recommends? Vigorous or gentle? Thanks!

-- Dave Mueller (, March 27, 2001.

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