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I have a Little Giant still air incubatore model 9200....the styrofoam kind with 2 windows. I recently added a turbo fan and was wondering what the normal swing of temperature should be. Using it as a still air incubator I could keep the temp within plus or minus 1 degree but with the fan I get a plus or minus 2.35 Is this normal? I've started incubating goose and duck eggs and added a home made expansion ring I made out of styrofoam. With 2 digital therometers I have a high of 102.4 and a low of 97.7. That works out to a average of 100.05 I read that the temp should be set at 99.5. Should I drop it down a bit or not mess with it????? My first time doing goose eggs. When can I candle and see if they are fertile? They are on day 4. Thanks for the help.

-- Kent in WA (, March 21, 2001


Hi Kent, We too have a turbo-fan incubator and have a temperature fluctuation about what yours is. The information I get is the fan circulates the air to get a more even temp. all over the incubator. The instructions or a book that came with it said the eggs directly under the element will be warmer than those at the outside edge. Even temp. is more important than a degree or two fluctuation. After all a hen does not sit on the nest 24/7 while the eggs are incubating.I feel that incubation is not an exact science unless you have to have 100% hatch and nobody gets 100% every time. You are doing fine if your temps are that good and you will know in 20 to 21 days for the chicks. I've never done goose or duck eggs but I understand you need more humidity than chicks. GL

-- Dave (, March 25, 2001.

Thanks Dave for the info. I think it will be fine. It's staying about 99.5-100 average the past 4 days. I candled them Sat. night and they all are developing, so that surprised me. I had a problem with getting fertile eggs from my ducks last summer, so it's good to see the drake has stepped up his business. I'll see in another 3 weeks.

-- Kent in WA (, March 26, 2001.

I do not have an answer, but a question to you, as by now you would know the results of your hatch. I am currently incubating Pekin duck eggs for the first time in an old Multiplo incubater with a temperature range between 97.5 deg F and 101.5 deg F, and wet bulb reading between 83 deg F and 87 deg F. How did your hatch go, and what breed of duck eggs were they? I have never incubated duck eggs, and have not previously had anything to do with Pekin ducks, so if your breed are Pekins, any information on them would be helpful. The hen is a very good layer, laying batches of 20-30 eggs with only a 10- 20 day break between. Problem is, she won't sit. I have incubated and reared hen and ostrich eggs, so have some knowledge of incubation. Do you know of any other breeds apart from the Muscovy that make good sitters and mothers?

-- chris skinner (, August 08, 2001.

hello please send price list of ostrich incubatore and hacher and eggs and chiks for me tank you

-- bahman jafari (, February 19, 2002.

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