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i'm organizing an association, called new art, which would be to show the music, and other forms of contemporary art, that is still not seen in poland and few more countries of east-central europe.

but i also want to show east-central europe art to the places where it is not yet well seen.

one of my main particular plan is to show the music.

one of the bands that i'm promoting is polish duet called eppu. of course i have much problems with edition.

as i consider the music of eppu quite close related to one of the sources you show i decided to take a risk asking you for reviewing the album and, hopefully, asking you to see if you are interested in closer cooperation.

music created by eppu reminds, mostly, experiences of liminal. they use samples of "classical music" like gustav mahler or henryk mikolaj gorecki to mix them with beat and giutar, piano and oboe.

with this message i would like to ask if it is interesting for you to listen to the stuff they made on low-budget cd.

if so, just let me know- i'll send it to you.

michal libera

-- michal libera (, March 21, 2001

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