history of x699, the caboose in Manassas, VA

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The City of Manassas, VA is seeking any and all info on the Southern caboose (x699) we have had on display for many years. We would like to restore at least the exterior and display a short history of the "crummy". Please respond with any info you have. Thanks. Roger Snyder, Director of Community Development

-- roger snyder (rsnyder@ci.manassas.va.us), March 20, 2001


Roger:Some years ago, I was on the first board of panelists that sat pon the recommendations for painting the exterior of the car.I had many photos of that type of caboose.What was actually put on the sides is what you have now-not very prototypical. You are going to have to be a bit clearer on your request. I dont have the original car number, but you can bet someone out in "Southern Land" does.

-- Gary Heflin (carrollheflin@earthlink.net), October 10, 2002.

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