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Please share your successful recital experiences!

What I have found to be successful is using technology to create exciting mini 'concerts'. I use Hal Leonard's, Faber's, and Clark's method books with the CD ACCOMPANIMENTS. These really add a nice touch to the recital, and all have a variety of musical styles to keep thing interesting. (of course students should have ample experience performing at classes with CD's!) At least if they make a mistake, they cannot stop and start over.

I also play bass guitar, and bring it with a small keyboard to play drum beats. Bringing different instruments will spice things up, & if you don't play another instrument, electric keyboards will always add some different sounds to the mix.

I feel recitals should mirror "real life" music. Of course classical solo piano pieces are presented, but letting students play music in "rock" or "jazz" band settings allows them to see POSSIBILITIES in piano study. The only time I would be expected to play without music is on a concert stage, but let's face it, most music-making is at church, musicals, sing-a-longs, parties, and situations where reading off a score is commonplace.

I can tell parents & students are pleased and excited about piano study when they hear recitals that mix classical, jazz, blues, rock & pop styles. Music expresses life, and we should embrace this diversity as music teachers.

-- John Bisceglia (, March 20, 2001


John, I agree with your philosophy 100%. I moved recently and am enduring the starting over process, but before I moved I had started using the CDs during class time and am planning to expand that to my recitals as well. I know my dad would have been a "little" more enthused about attending my recitals if it had had some more "exciting" music. : ) Do you know if Faber or anyone else has CDs to go with their Christmas music? I love doing Christmas recitals in December (except now that I'm back in NYC it will have to be a "holiday" recital; don't want to offend anyone : ) ) Since there is so much great Christmas music in different styles, I was thinking that would be a great time to use accompaniment. Good luck, Deedra

-- Deedra (, March 21, 2001.

I like Hal Leonard's Christmas Piano Solos Levels 1-5, all with CD accompaniments. Faber should have some on the way (if not already); call (954)382-3073 or e-mail:

Also fun: Wrist bells sets for "Jingle Bells" or "Sleigh Ride"

Piano trios:

Up on the Housetop (Warner Bros. #UPC: 029156640601) Away in a Manger/The First Noel (WB #UPC 029156620627)

If you have an extra keyboard, try to split the keyboard into 2 different sounds, and combine with the acoustic piano for an orchestrated arrangement.

Merry Happy Jolly Kwanza Chanukah Christmas Season in NY!

-- John Bisceglia (, March 21, 2001.

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