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I tried to make a photo site with as few text as possible although it uses DHTML so there is a lot of cursor movement and clicking necessary to navigate. It is located at and I would like to know if you can find your way on this site.

-- Beer Clement (, March 20, 2001


I didn't have a problem but some of your frozen photos don't have links. I found this way of doing it rather disconcerning because I left the sight wondering if there was more. I would say that there should be some text for directions and a way to show the beginning and the end. Just my opinion. Cheers

-- Scott Walton (, March 26, 2001.

some of it takes a bit of clicking i agree, but i do like you portraits, internet 200? pages with the changing images... wish i could write that code!

-- Mike Steel (, June 13, 2001.

Actually, the (d)html code of the pages you are referring to(internet portraits 2000 and 2001) is (almost) identical to the other pages. Only some minor changes to the placement of the pictures and to the visible/hidden attributes were made.

-- Beer Clement (, June 15, 2001.

Hi there, sorry but your site doesn't work at all in Netscape 6 on a Mac. You might want to rethink the dhtml. As a website designer, I know from experience that it is quirky and behaves differently in every browser.

-- Kacy Colson (, June 17, 2002.

I am sorry to hear that it does not work in Netscape 6. When the site was first build Netscape 6 did not exist yet. And I did not yet test it with Netsacpe 6, but I will certainly look into it. For anyone who liked the site: - although something completely different - is made with similar techniques

Beer Clement

-- Beer Clement (, June 18, 2002.

For all who want to visit my site. The URL of my site has changed to per March 1, 2003.

The URL of my second site is still unchanged.

-- Beer Clement (, March 07, 2003.

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