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IMPRESSION TIPS Anyone made CD Extra ( CD Plus, Enhansed CDs) with Impression ? I need a solution fast please help I want to create a CD Extra CD, which is a Audio CD (CD-DA) playable in any home/portable CD player & a CD - ROM (in this case an antorun Impression exe. which is player software for MP2 video) Playable in any P.C. I can create autorun Impression movies burnt to CD Great I can create CD Extra CD with Audio (nornal music CD) & Data (avi.)No problem My problem is this :- Impression only seems to work when being burnt in JOILET format Impression wont work in I.S.O.format - It attempts to antorun but dialog box saying Launcher createprocess error =2 appears on screen not the movie If i duuble click Launcher or Player exe. it claims an illegal operation in MFC42.DLL at 0177:6437487F I have my audio on 1 CD My Music Video on another CD autorun player software encluded I want to put them both on to 1 CD - Please help I`am using Impression 2.0.1r24 CD PRO, Adeptec Easy CD Crearor 3.5c, HP 9100 CD WR and DV 500 video card. Impression great potential needs continued investment from Minerva/Pinnacle Any ideas? contact personaly at thanx

-- wolfe fishbourne (, March 19, 2001

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