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One problem with the new board is that it does not allow people to post without leaving a real email address.

Some people don't like to leave their email address around the internet for others to find, so I have come up with this solution:

I made an email account called

If you want to post to the message board without leaving your email address, just use "" as your email address.

I will probably never even check "" to see what messages appear there, so just be aware that anyone who tries to reply to you using that email address will not be able to make contact.

If you have any questions about this, please fire away!

--Brent Hugh Piano Pedagogy Board moderator

-- Brent Hugh (, March 19, 2001


Brent Hugh,

Thanks so much for this solution for those of us who prefer anonymity. I had been wanting to contribute but was hesitant.

-- Sakura (, March 21, 2001.

Testing Testing. Thanks for finding a solution!!

-- Mary Jo (, March 22, 2001.

I must be missing something. I understand why some people don't want their e-mail address out there for unwanted spamming, but I have never been able to understand anyone making a comment without wanting others to know who said it. That is anonymous writing and never tolerated by editorial columns or anyone with integrity. This messageboard and Mr. Brent Hugh have great integrity from my past experience, so I would appreciate understanding the missing link.

I mean people are posting most recently about major and minor intervals anonymously............!!!!!!!! I just don't get it. Why are they afraid to at least sign their name at the bottom. Sometimes we say something we have to back down on--just like college and the rest of life. I'm sure I have said a lot of dumb things in the past, but I always am willing to own up. Just wondering..........

Flo Arnold

-- Flo Arnold (, May 10, 2001.

Aren't YOU the saint!

-- wow (, May 13, 2001.

wow: No need to get nasty about it.

Flo: Some of us don't care to plaster our real names & e-mail addresses all over the web. Some folks have nothing to sell (like the PIANIMALS books), so why should they have to give out info. that they'd rather keep private? Even if someone posts a name & an e-mail address, there's really no way of verifying whether that name is real or fictitious. I prefer to simply enjoy reading the posts. I respect a person's right not to reveal his/her true identities. This is a bulletin board, not a music teachers' association meeting.

-- Music Educator (, May 14, 2001.

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