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Notice how the Saudias' are handling this very differently than the EU.

-- (, March 19, 2001


If you mean the difference is vaccination rather than premptive culling or killing, vaccination is a recognizion the disease is endemic, you have given up and will forego your F&MD-free status for world trade. By the way. Where is the world's largest dairy located? Saudi Arabia!

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, March 19, 2001.

But what is it a dairy OF? I was watching Animal Planet and they were rounding up feral camels in Australia to export to Saudi Arabia for the dairy industry, because they are the last non-diseased herd of camels in the world. Is it a camel dairy?

-- julie f. (, March 20, 2001.


No, Holsteins. As I recall one dairy has something like 3,000 head. I don't know if they were listed as a F&MD-free country before now, or that they even exported any animal products or by-products, but they will no longer be able to do so with a country, such as the U.S., which is still F&MD-free. That is why Britian is being so agressive. If it can be contained and irradicated, they can again gain that status.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, March 20, 2001.

Also found HMD in Central Asia. article&sin=200103191749250005720&otmpl=/upi/story.htm&qcat=news&rn=23 088&qk=10&passdate=03/19/2001

-- Ladybug (, March 20, 2001.

Couldn't pull up the page on Central Asia, but Saudi is interesting... These are the same areas that all of a sudden are talking about going to solar power... Now they vaccinate for FMD - so no trade... Sounds like they really don't like the US hanging out over there anymore.... Think we should take our toys and go home!!!

Sorry Ken, had to use the analogy... lol!!

-- Sue Diederich (, March 20, 2001.

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