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(not a question; more of an idea to ponder)

To help students learn the keyboard BY TOUCH ONLY, I've been using several large pieces of cardboard taped together and held in place with paperweights below my upright's music rack.

Using flashcards, I have them find thier assigned cards BY TOUCH ONLY and use a time chart to mark progress. I may only start with finding the grouops of black keys or just finding landmarks, but soon students are feeling and finding from Bass F - Treble G, or Bass C to Treble C, etc...

I HAVE DEVELOPED MY EAR A LOT MORE SINCE DOING THIS! Of course the teacher has to be able to tell if the student has played the correct note BY EAR!

Let's face it, students will look if they CAN! Guided questions like, "Is E to the left or right of the two balck keys?", etc., help students begin to visualize the keyboard while fumbling.

I try to use this "device" while sight-playing pieces without too many leaps or moves. One intermediate student has played BY TOUCH from Low C - High C in 52 seconds; let me tell you, I wondered how well I could do it, and my ear was challenged while timing her!

(from a piano techer who has recently discovered the web and LOVES talking about piano-teaching stuff!)

-- john Bisceglia (, March 19, 2001

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