"Big Apples"

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Anyone know the location of any photos (on the internet) of CofG "Big Apples"? Me and a friend are interesting in comparing them in relation to SP GS2s. If no one knows the location of any photos, could you just describe how close they look like a GS2. TIA, Trevor Hartford

-- Trevor Hartford (P2c3689@aol.com), March 17, 2001


Dear Mr. Hartford. They Do resemble the Southern Pacific GS-2 class 4-8-4's, I received a package from the Central of Georgia Historical Society yesterday concerning those "Big Apples." from a Mr. Allen Tuten Secretary and Treasurer of the CofG Hist. Society. Address is 4303 Sunnybrook Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37205, Thanks

C. Jackson

-- C. Jackson (c2002jackson@yahoo.com), November 19, 2002.

P.S. to my posting of Dec. 23.

The articles and photos in the two LOCOMOTIVE QUARTERLY issues cover most CofGa steam locomotives in still and action shots. They are great for modelers.


-- Neal Williams (nealcoco@aol.com), December 24, 2001.

The Big Apple 4-8-4's were 1943 copies of the SP GS2. Similar copies went to the Western Pacific and to SP (designated GS6). Differences were: no streamlining like the SP Daylights, shorter four-wheel tenders, Elesco rather than Worthington feedwater heaters, trailing trucks did not have booster, and air compressors were mounted in front with a radiator flanked by an air filters to each side.

Photos are available in LOCOMOTIVE QUARTERLY issues (Vol. XI No.1 Fall 1987 and Vol. XXIII No.1 Fall 1999). Contact "METAPHOR,P.O. BOX 383, MOUNT VERNON, NY 10552."

Photos and HO scale drawings of the SP engines and the CofGA Big Apple appear in MODEL RAILROADER CYCLOPEDIA-VOL.1 STEAM LOCOMOTIVES available from Kalmbach Publishing Co. 21027 Crossroads Circle, P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187.

I have built a reasonably good model of the Big Apple using the Bachmann Northern 4-8-4 with a Bachmann Consolidation short tender. (This model is no longer in production but you might find one out there.)

Good luck!

-- Neal Williams (nealcoco@aol.com), December 24, 2001.

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