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Does anyone know of any email lists or message boards like this one for violin players or teachers? The seem to be few and far between. Any help would be appreciated.

Renee Knutson

-- Renee Knutson (, March 17, 2001


There is an extensive list of violin-related discussion lists at:

The string_teachers_support list on YahooGroups at is a new one we started recently (we have a strings and piano studio) which looks like it may turn out to be promising.

Elle & Robert

-- Elle Mathews (, January 28, 2004.

Renee ~ my favorites (or favs, depending on how old you are!): (This one has perhaps has more adults on it, but is still decent and information-full, and often very funny.) ("Stringworks" site, but some good info)

Hope you find one of these, at least, fills your need. I play the viola, and have gotten a lot of good info from these sites. Like this site, teachers and good players are so willing to share their expertise - these types of sites bring out the best in the web!

Have fun! Shirley

-- Shirley Gibson (, February 04, 2004.

Whoops! The second "Maestronet" in the precedeing list should be:


-- Shirley Gibson (, February 06, 2004.


-- q (qwerty@yuio.pas), February 14, 2005.

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