Looking for a 4 hole choker mousetrap

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I have been looking for a while for a mousetrap called a 4 hole choker. I had one years ago and it is superior to all other kinds of traps. It was made of plastic (I've seen others made of wood) and had snap wires that choked the mouse when it put it's head in to eat the bait. I am going to contact the Victor trap company and see if they still make one but I wanted to see if any of you know where I can still purchase one! Thanks.

-- Gailann Schrader (gtschrader@aol.com), March 17, 2001


Hi Gailann You saying that reminded me how well they did work - Great! My parents had one. I bet you can find one on eBay. Alot of mouse traps sold over there of all kinds - guys collect them! I don't think you'd have to pay too much for one. But that is one place to look - and maybe yahoo auctions also. Good luck Cynthia

-- Cynthia Speer (farmsteader@gvtel.com), March 17, 2001.

I used to have one of those and have been looking everywhere for it. I need it!!! It is the best dang mousetrap I ever had. I can't understnd why they don't seem to sell them anywhere...they really work! I looked on ebay and couldn't find anything and then searched under mousetraps and didn't find anything. It sure is frustrating to know they are out there and not be able to locate one to buy.

-- Wayne in Kentucky (wallen328@aol.com), March 18, 2001.

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