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I didn't see this mentioned in the "RATS!" thread so thought I'd pass along the URL to the Rat Zapper company.

I've never tried it but have heard raves about it. Clean, efficient, won't harm the kitties and no chemicals. Just good old electricity!

Lucky me, my barn kitties keep the rat population to zero so far.


-- Jeanne (, March 17, 2001


I bought one of those sonic repeller things at a cost of $80+, don't recall the brand, and it DID NOT work. It did intimidate them a little. They slowed down their gnawing but it didn't keep them away, even on the loudest setting which I couldn't even tolerate and I'm sure was a pain to my doves outside the building. The rats enjoyed the heat radiated into the walls of my trailer and, every night, have been coming (I hear them jump on the pipes) to get into the trailer. I believe they are gnawing to get nest material. At any rate, I sure didn't want the building to fall down around me and, besides that, I couldn't sleep at night for the noise. I tried traps, glue traps, poison and the sonic thing with very minimal results but now have an eight year old neutered cat that is a killing machine. I rarely hear a rat. He crawls through my dryer vent and gets into where they live, making their lives miserable and making me happy. :)


-- Iron Man (, March 22, 2001.

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