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I am looking for a definition of Altered states of consciousness. I have 10 books on the subject and cannot find in them a clear definition of ASC. There are many references of types and their descriptions but that is all. If anyone can direct me to a resource, Iwould greatly appreciate it. Thank You Rev. Tracy

-- Rev. Tracy (, March 15, 2001


Around 1969, Charlie Tart edited a book of readings called "altered states of consciousness." I just threw it out, but it probably had a definition in there. He is probably still alive, perhaps teaching at UC Davis, but I'm not sure. You can get that book used from a number of used bookstores. It's available online at

I forget his definiton, and I'm not sure I'd spend the dough just to get the book. I'd try looking him up, first.

Here are some notes I took before I donated the book to a used bookstore:

Charles T. Tart, Ed. Altered States of Consciousness Originally 1969 with the subtitle A Book of Readings. 2nd Ed. 1972 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Anchor Books, Doubleday & Company, Inc. New York.

p. 17 - from Arnold M. Ludwig, Altered States of Consciousness General characteristics of ASCs A. Alterations in thinking. B. Disturbed time sense. C. Loss of control D. Change in emotional expression E. Body image change F. Perceptual distortions G. Change in meaning or significance. H. Sense of the ineffable. I. Feelings of rejuvenation J. Hypersuggestibility

- - - - - - - -

I Hope that is helpful. I think the nature of ASC's is that they are subjective experience. That is what makes it difficult to define. It is relative to an individual's experience. I like the terms: "ordinary reality," and "non-ordinary reality." Again, we are talking about subjective experience.

David Levingston

-- Winnie T. Pooh (it's Mr. Pooh to you) (, March 17, 2001.

I know there is a very good manual about altered states of consciuousness by Jean yves Lelloup, who studied phylosophy and theology. I too am looking for it. It was indicated by a psycologue that researchs this subjects.

-- Teresa Furtado Coelho (, March 19, 2001.

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