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What prizes have you won? Were you given a special award in your year book? What do you think about year books in general?

-- Tim (, March 15, 2001


An embarrassing quantity. Speech Day wise, I won "top of the year" award for the three years they gave it out, and later the "impossible GCSE grades" prize, "best poem", a prize for a Religion (despite being an atheist), a prize for Music (despite not doing Music) and my favourite - the Ho Award (apparently for Mathematics). Twice!

I still have a draw full of book tokens as a result.

I also once won a "Milly Molly Mandy" book in a raffle.

We didn't have a year book; I would have liked one, though, because I'm sentimental like that. The most offensive my year got was through allocating lines of "The Sunscreen Song" (like every class who graduated in 1999, we read it out in assembly) appropriately. Smill, who no one liked, got "Forget the insults you receive" and The Slapper got the part about enjoying one's body.

-- Zed (, March 15, 2001.

The only awards I've ever won were for Academic Acheivement something or others in school except for straight Excellents in a district Thespian competition for a play I wrote. (Oooh, extracurricular jargon!)

Yearbooks are fun! 500 some odd pages of people you didn't even know existed in your school. And usually caught doing terribly stupid things.

Right now, I'm learning how to do yearbook layouts, and they're certainly no rock and roll fun. Lots of sizing, cropping, captioning, storytelling, and ruining pictures. But the class lets me steal incriminating photos of people I know. MWAHAHAHAHA!

-- Krysten (, March 15, 2001.

I was voted "Most Shyest" in my senior class. And yes, that was the actual title. Grammar much?

-- Katie (, March 16, 2001.

I was voted 'Worst Clubber' in my yearbook. Which is fair enough, since I didn't enter a club at all till I was 17 1/2 (most of my year started clubbing at around 15 or so) and that was the only time I did so until I started university at 19 1/4. It makes me laugh now, though, since starting uni. I'm usually clubbing about twice a week and often more. The guy I went to my Leavers' Ball with was voted 'Biggest Male Slapper' in my yearbook. Yes, in *my* yearbook, although he didn't even go to my school!! It was very funny.

-- Helen (, March 16, 2001.

I love year books! I am very impatiently awaiting for my father to send last year's to me (actually, if I didn't know my father as well as I do, I'd say that he already sent it and it's in the mail as we speak). I think they're a great idea, but then I, like Zed, am sentimental like that.

Let's see... When I graduated from elementary school, some people made a yearbook just for our class. I was voted the quietest, as well as the "Happy-Go-Lucky" award, and the "Good Sportsmanship" award (which was also given to someone else, so I suppose it was a tie. Don't really understand how I won that one... But it's such good fun! Good luck with yours, Tim! :)

-- Sarah Joy (, March 17, 2001.

Our senior award page in last year's yearbook is quite disturbing. There's not one, not two, but THREE guys dressed in girl's costume. One for most spirited where they dressed a guy in a cheerleader's outfit (gross hairy legs exposed), another for most dramatic, where the lead of our town's only cool band is dressed in a fairy costume, and another for halloween costume, which has another guy dressed in a pretty red dress and blonde wig.

I can name several other times when guy students have dressed as women. I can officially say I go to the High School of Drag Queens.

-- Kate (, March 17, 2001.

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