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Has anyone had any dealings with Chivers Easton Brown - I believe they are solicitors but can't be sure.

Basically they are threatening us with legal action on behalf of Citibank (or more likely Property Services Partnership Collection Ltd) It was the basic "if you don't respond within 14 days....blah blah letter"

This 10.5 year old shortfall claim is now therefore with a 4th Company - it must be costing them heaps. I have told them to take us to court as we're really fed up with this whole damn thing. We don't have any money - we live in a council house - what can they gain from continuing this farce.

-- SUE GATES (, March 15, 2001


It is a small firm of solicitors based in Surbiton. It should have identified itself so and listed the partners of the firm on the letterhead of the letter you received.

Remember the usual drill, don't talk to them on the phone etc.

-- Andy Turner (, March 20, 2001.

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