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What's ridiculous?

-- Tim (tim@almighty.co.uk), March 14, 2001


You know what's ridiculous? This crazy thing going on with my school is what's ridiculous. there's a huge article about it her e. I go to that school!!!!! it's ridiculous!

I even got a phone call yesterday at work from some stranger telling me not to go to school on wednesday, being today. so I didn't go! and I'm not going tomorrow either. Neither are all of my friends, so we're secretly going to the beach...hehe...we're such seniors...

-- Jessica (essicaj@pacbell.net), March 14, 2001.

Tim Tams. I was pondering this very odd name last night as I was eating one, and I thought of your journal. Has anyone ever called you Tim Tam, as a pet name?

Tim Tam... an odd, yet catchy name indeed. Hey, if you form a band, you should call it the Tim Tams. If you ever get a dog, you should name it Tam, and you could call yourselves Tim and Tam. Or, if you have twins, you should name them Tim and Tam.

Okay, the name has managed to lose all meaning, so I will shut my trap now...

-- Kathy (kmacleod_23@yahoo.com), March 17, 2001.

Ack. This is how lame I am:

I saw one of those headbands in Claire's with the springy balls on them... Remember the picture of Tim wearing those when he met Zed and Krys?!! I immediately remembered that and cracked up laughing. Ohh the looks I got from other shoppers... It's just something you don't explain to people.

-- Kate (frozenfire@chek.com), March 17, 2001.

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