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I've made several trips to Kittanning but I can't seem to get there when anything is going on. I'm not inside the "local circle" where they seem to know when filming is taking place. All I need is a lead as to what day he'll be there...any help would be appreciated. He seems to be as elusive as the Mothman himself. I keep getting calls from friends that have seen him at a phone booth in Saxonburg, in a restaurant having hot chocolate and fries,etc.

-- meep4 (, March 14, 2001


Yes, Richard is in Kittanning,pa I have seen him alot& and I got pitures of him and all the movie I think this is great!!! Well they film every day but monday& Tuesday.If you get on Leader (are local news paper) you will where& when they will be filming. Also kittanning should help you get news. Just about every time iam in town I see him. I guess Iam at the right place at the right time.I hope I helped you out! 3/16/01

-- shelly (, March 16, 2001.

Shelly, I am a huge Richard Gere fan also. He filmed in my hometown also, (Bentleyville). I want to find out when and if he is coming back. I tried and I have came up with nothing. Shelly, hook me up!

-- Samantha (, April 02, 2001.

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