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Along with my seed order this year I ordered a plant called Gopher Purge. It's suppose to repel gophers for up to 100 feet around where it is planted. Has anyone had any experience with this plant and does it really repel gophers? Do you know of any special care the plant needs? I haven't received the plant yet. Thanks

-- cindy palmer (, March 13, 2001


I used to have gopher purge at the four corners of my garden. In my opinion, it really does work. Not only for the gophers, but also ground squirrels and woodrats.

The negative of gopher purge is that it is highly toxic and the milky sap supposedly can cause cancer if it comes in contact with your skin. Because I have little kids who like to graze the garden and livestock that does the same everytime they can get free, I don't grow the purge anymore.

If I were to use something poison for my ground rodents, gopher purge would be my choice.

-- Laura (, March 16, 2001.

Yes, I've also used gopher purge in many of my flower beds. It's not an especially pretty looking plant, but does keep voles, and chipmunks from digging holes everywhere. The plant is prolific (spreads well) so you may need to transplant small plants from time to time to other areas you need it. As stated above, the white milky substance is irritating to the skin, that's why I recommend moving small plants only....Some of mine have gotten as tall as 2 1/2 feet! I have children and they know not to walk in mom's flower beds. They even help put in plants every spring. Hope this info is helpful. :-)

-- Cheri Asprion (, March 17, 2001.

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