Wanna be on Comedy Central?

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Something Really Cool is happening on ComedyCentral.com!!!

ComedyCentral will be the first website to air home-produced/home-created "clip-shorts" about anything that might be even remotely funny.  Stand-up, short-films, strange audio clips, whatever.

In conjunction with Homegrownhumor, ComedyCentral will judge all submitted work for a possible entry on a nationaly televised show exclusively showcasing this material.

This will be an unbeliveable oppurtunity for all aspiring comedians/actors/producers/directors to get instantly noticed.  NO WHERE ELSE ON THE WEB DOES SUCH AN OPPURTUNITY EXIST!

You will be able to submit your own raw material soon! Check out www.homegrownhumor.com for more information on this new ComedyCentral.com opportunity!

-- Liz Russo (LizzAU@aol.com), March 13, 2001

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