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Hi chat!!! Troll Paris i am 30...... Otis tech since 1993 i m working at the modernisation service i m installing 2speeds elevators , ovf 10 , ovf 20 but i ll soon work with my leader and install elevonic 413. i need a litle information about the Louis Hallis Direct drive ... i need a litle information about ;;;the stopping;;; can anyone help ??? i ll get my information myself ...but if anyone s got something about the basic of direct drive idem with the basic of the Louis Hallis direct drive control . i m also interested about the way the stopping system works....the old elevator had selectors limit switch (6850 ) but i know that the new will get no tape cos we did not receive any new tape and no encoder for tape ppt we did received the tape reader and the tape for door zone and 1 and 2 LS ...the machine encoder ....and a stopping system that s got to be installed on the car ..but not the metallic systems that has to be installed in the top and the bot of the holstway ... i ve heard that this system do not need stopping system.is that true ? can we receive a stopping system without having to install it ? thanks to all ...dont laugh please !!!! Troll

-- charles (Trollboys@aol.com), March 13, 2001

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