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Earlier on in the semester in lab we defined metamorphic rocks as rocks who have been chenged by pressure, temperature, or other chemical influences. From this I would guess that they are formed underneath the surface of the earth. But can they be formed above? If so, how?

-- Sarah Szczech (, March 13, 2001


Metamorphic rock forms from high pressure and temperature- both of which are found beneath the earth's surface. Page 173 of our book explains that metamorphism by extrusives is limited because the temperature of lava cools at the surface. Metamorphic rocks may form only a few kilometers below the surface, where temperature and pressure are moderate. However higher temps and pressure is always needed to form metamorphic rocks, and this condition does not exist on the earth's surface.

-- Kelly Wirth (, March 14, 2001.

a metamorphic rock forms a break down.

-- Samantha Nicole Dickens (, November 05, 2002.

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