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-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001


Wow, Brutal couldn't even make the KC Wizards. My Sunday league team is looking for a forward, we could buy him some beers after each game as his salary . . .

Brutil Hosé keeping fit with Jong Sparta 06 Dec 2002 Former Ajax player Brutil Hosé is keeping fit with Sparta's reserve squad while continuing his search for a new club. The 23 year-old has already had a couple of loan spells with De Graafschap and Haarlem, since he was sidetracked at the ArenA, After his contract with the Amsterdammers was terminated he went on to have unsuccesfull trials at Eerste Divisie Dordrecht, English clubs Middlesbrough and Sunderland plus American Major Soccer League side Kansas City Wizards.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2002

Weird news...

VI reports that Nigerian right winger Tijjani Babangida was *fired* by his club, Al-Ittihad in Saudi-Arabia. He signed a contract over there less than two months ago. According to Al-Ittihad, Babangida was too ineffective. He did not score a single goal so far and there are no assists behind his name either.

Nevertheless, his dismissal comes as a surprise. Al-Ittihad won all of its five league games so far and is tops in Saudi-Arabia. On the same day as Babangida, Brazilian veteran striker Bebeto was fired as well, for the same reasons.

Phew - did we have a bunch of losers on the payrole or what?? (the Hosé category). Babangida was loaned out to Al-Ittihad, which means we're still paying him... :-/ He's now an Ajacied again, although Ajax doesn't want him back and 'Baba' doesn't want to return...

I say: dissolve his contract (just like Vierklau, Hosé).

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2002

Dean Gorre is currently plying his trade in the English Second division with Barnsley. He left Huddersfield on a free transfer after two seasons at the McAlpine Stadium and never recreated the form that saw him become a crowd favourite for the terriers.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2002

I wonder... Do you think the SuperShota folks (you know: the Ajax videos website) will still have that video of Brutal's Mohamad Ali impersonation against Twente's Jeroen Heubach? Maybe we should send it to the webmaster of the KC Wiz's official website... :-)

Defenders in the MLS, beware! Brutal Hosé has arrived!

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2002

This is highly remarkable news. Just read it on

According to Ajax Netwerk, the Kansas City Star reports that Brutil Hosé is currently on a try-out at MLS side, Kansas City Wizards. The Ajax striker's contract was dissolved on 02 October of this year. He is now trying to win a contract at the U.S. side.

That's all I know. Does any of you Yanks have more info?

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2002

Ajax Netwerk is running a story that says Brutal Hose' is now on trial with MLS franchise Kansas City WIZ. I know all Ajax supporters in the heartlands will rush to KC to watching the second coming perform.If this is Ajax idea of winning American hearts and minds, I'd rather have the english language website and webcasts of the matches.

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2002

Thanks Menno and what a great link. What we could do with a goal- getter like that now.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Bill wrote: "Whilst looking through the latest season guide I came across the name of Ruud Geels who was the leading goalscorer from 1974 to 1978. I must admitt that whilst I remember the name, I cannot recall what position this guy played. Can anybody put me out of my misery and also say what became of him after the 77/78 season."

Ruud Geels... Yeah. The only thing I know is that he played for feyenerd before he joined Ajax. After that, he became known for scoring about half a million goals for Ajax against feyenerd. He drove them insane for years and years in a row, which makes him the best person ever to come from feyenerd ;-)

That's what I knew by heart. Not very much, so I looked him up on the internet. Here his curriculum vitae.

A few interesting facts:

1. He had never scored more than 18 goals a season (for Go Ahead Eagles from Deventer and for Club Bruges in Belgium). Then he joined Ajax for four years and he never scored less than 29 a season! From 1974 to 1978, he scored 127 goals in 132 games! Phew... In the 1976-1977 season, he played all league games and scored exactly one goal per game on average (34 out of 34).

2. He's one of those Catholic boys that has two girls' names... 'Geertruida Maria' *LOL*

3. Quite remarkably, he played only 20 games for Holland (11 goals). Not sure in which period. I don't think he was a regular in the '74 and '78 World Cup teams. So it must be the very early seventies (1970-71) when he played for feyenoord and won the European Champions Cup with them. During Geels' Ajax days, I think it was usually Johnny Rep who played for Holland, alongside Cruijff. Stiff competition.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Whilst looking through the latest season guide I came across the name of Ruud Geels who was the leading goalscorer from 1974 to 1978. I must admitt that whilst I remember the name, I cannot recall what position this guy played. Can anybody put me out of my misery and also say what became of him after the 77/78 season.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002

Time to chime in with the yearly Tarik Oulida sighting. Tarik Oulida, always a favorite of mine in his days at Ajax, is now with Sedan in the French top flight. Coincidentally he lined out in the first eleven home to Ronaldinho and PSG today.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002

AZ need Co even more urgently after going down to Dutch powerhouse FC Zwolle today. Zwolle broke out the whoopin' stick to the tune of 5:1 .That old De Cler mojo is working big time.NOT!

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

News on another former Ajacied...

Defender Frank Verlaat played a remarkable part in the theatre play that was Vitesse vs Werder Bremen, in the second round of the UEFA Cup. The former Ajax defender is the captain and also a fan hero in Germany. That's a flabbergasting fact to Ajax fans, who remember Verlaat (nicknamed Te Laat in Amsterdam, which means 'Too Late') as a walking disaster, forming a central defensive duo with Jan van Halst (can you believe we finished as high as 6th that season...?).

The reason: Ajax plays man-to-man in defense. In Germany they defend in zones, with a 'sweeper' playing some ten yards behind the defensive line. At Werder, Verlaat is the sweeper. He's good at that. He's too slow to play for Ajax. There was too much space behind him.

Anyways - in the first leg of Vitesse's UEFA Cup clash with Werder Bremen, Amoah gave the Dutch the lead by shooting through Verlaat's legs. Three minutes before half-time, Verlaat equalized from a corner, after which he brought Vitesse a 2-1 victory by sliding a ball into his own nets.

Return leg to follow in two weeks' time, in Bremen.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

Wow... Guess who's come out of his cave?

It's Co! He has signed a 2.5 year contract at AZ Alkmaar, replacing coach Henk van Stee, who was fired this week. I will write a news report for the Ajax USA homepage.

Ironic detail: Co will be re-united with Tim de Cler, whom he banned to 'dressing room 2' and added to the transfer list at Ajax...

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

VI and NOS Teletekst report that former Ajax defender/midfielder Marciano Vink (32) has decided to officially call it quits and end his career. Vink was 'clubless' this season.

An product of the Ajax youth system, Vink made his debut in Ajax-1 in 1987, coming stright out of the succesful Ajax-2 team which also starred the De Boer twins, Bryan Roy and more.

In Ajax-1, where he played as a central defender, he was almost immediately compared to Frank Rijkaard. Expectations were high and he lived up to them initally. He made his ORanje debut at age 20 in 1991. In the eraly 1990s, he moved the right midfield position and won the UEFA Cup of 1992 with Ajax.

He left Amsterdam in 1993, after discussions with coach Louis van Gaal about his position. choosing for an Italian adventure at Genoa (where Johnny van 't Schip was also playing). It lasted for only one season, after which Vink joined PSV.

It was then when he sustained the first of a series of injuries which kept him sidelined for years and, ultimately, detroyed his career. He never won a slot in PSV's first team, left and surprisingly offered himself to Ajax Cape Town last year, but never really made it there, either.

Marciano Vink has found a new job as an agent at Sport Promotion, Holland's number one management agency for footballers.

What a concidence, by the way: this next Friday, the November 1987 chapter of our monthly feature Fifteen Years Ago will appear on the Ajax USA homepage. November 1987 was the month in which teh Ajax crowd first got acquainted with Marciano Vink, as a player of Ajax-2.

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2002

Oh how cruel you can be Menno - all this nice guy exterior and then you make such comments about my new cult hero. Now I know how the Zlatanists and Midoists feel :-)

With regard to Fred Grim, Menno suggested that I placed my comments on this thread about the current situation. With regard to the goalie situation, it was something I was pondering over in the middle of Saturday night (as one does), and I came to the conclusion that the constant changing of goalkeepers hasnt helped the defence one bit - with Grim being between the sticks the defence knew what he was or wasnt going to do - but with this chopping and changing the understanding just isnt there. I must admit I would prefer Grim back in rather than Timmer for this reason - maybe another positive by-product could be that Bergdolmo's performances would pick-up with Grim back in the team.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

"For such a player I was astounded to note from the Yahho search engine that there are 2790 websites that have a mention of Tim De Cler. What a player."

Yeah..., www.joke-of-the-day-com...

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

Just a thought with regard to Saturday's game - I personally thought that the best player for Ajax wasnt Litmanen but Tim De Cler - the movement off the ball and his ability to find space was an example that all players should take note of. That he was nowhere near the ball or the player he was marking is just nit-picking. The amount of pleasure his performance gave me was enourmous and personally I would like to see him back every week for the opposition team. For such a player I was astounded to note from the Yahho search engine that there are 2790 websites that have a mention of Tim De Cler. What a player ;-)

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

According to several Dutch news sources (NOS Teletekst, AT5, De Telegraaf) former Ajax goalkeeper Fred Grim will be added to the Ajax squad for Tuesday's crucial Champions League game against Rosenborg BK. Coach Ronald Koeman has to improvise now the coach's "goalkeeper's nightmare" has reached a new climax.

It's cynical: throughout Ajax history, the Ajax-1 squad always had two goalkeepers. For years in a row, the fans hardly saw anything od those second goalkeepers: Peter de Haan, Lloyd Doesburg - we hardly remember who they are. Even Edwin van der Sar, who had been the second man behind Stanley Menzo for several years, did not make his debut before he officially was the number one.

This season, the Ajax-1 squad had no less than three quality goalkeepers: Joey Didulica, Bogdan Lobont and Maarten Stekelenburg, with Ajax A1 (and sometimes Young Ajax) goalkeeper Robert Zwinkels as a back-up option.

Luxury, you'd say, but - quite ironically - there never has been such a major goalkeeper's problem before. The club was forced to hire an extra goalkeeper on loan (Henk Timmer). right now, he's our only fit man and we have no-one to take place on the bench, so that (of all people) Freddy Grim will have to go to the attic to find his good old goalie's gloves and soccer boots...

Is that amazing, or what? Even Robert Zwinkels is out for months, so that Ajax B1 goalkeeper Vermeer would be the next man in line. He is more than 20 years younger than Grim...

Luckily, Ajax was so smart to officially register Fred Grim (37 years- old, by the way) as its fourth goalkeeper for the Champions League. They could still add an extra name, so they figured "what the heck - just in case". Thank God, otherwise he would not have been allowed to play...

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

Does anyone have infos about a dennis bergkamp comeback to Ajax next year ???? A friend heard this i dunno where so i'm quite wondering...


-- Anonymous, October 12, 2002

Melchiot sucks IMO, ok at best going forward but terrible defensively. Don't forget he was the main culprit on Macateer's goal for Ireland last September in the WCQ. Ball watching instead of marking.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

From take it with a grain, or 1000 ,of salt): Middlesborough are currently scouting Kevin Bobson. According to the article, Middlesborough scouts were in attendance at the Fuji Stadion when NAC drew 2-all with Pee-SV. Reportedly, they will return to see Bobson's next two games; v. Vitesse and Zwolle if I read correctly.I mention this tidbit only because Bobson is currently on loan from Ajax.I hope that Bobson can impress and land some type of deal.That might bring a few sheckels into the Ajax coffers.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

I just read the article on the home page. Mario Melchiot? That story must be a joke.If there were a kernel of truth in the story,I would tell the coach to save his money. David Mendes da Silva would be a much better back 4/midfield signing , even if it means waiting until seasons end, than Mario Frickin' Melchiot.Especially at anything close to 4 million. International or not, is he really the type of player who will make THAT BIG of a difference? Don't look now,I think Jan Sorenson, Martijn Reuser, Alistair Dick,etc..are waiting in the wings.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Speaking of boots, former Ajacied John Bosman, who hung up his boots at the end of last season, has signed on with the coaching staff at AZ. He will coach the forwards, according to the article. I hope Ajax will monitor this situation. I think any club worth a damn, most especially AFC AJAX, could find gainful and mutually beneficial employment for a 251 goal scorer.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

Right on. Here's some e-commerce we can really support! As soon as Mr. Bergkamp's shoes are available for bidding on eBay (in November), we'll add a link to the Ajax USA home page. A great cause...

- jim



Calling all Dennis Bergkamp fans. Now you can own a pair of shoes worn and donated to LEPRA by Denis Bergkamp.

Over fifty celebrities including Dennis Bergkamp have donated a stunning selection of shoes to help British charity LEPRA. Now fans worldwide will have the unique opportunity to become the proud owners of their favourite stars' footwear when a unique internet auction starts on on 8th November.

The stunning collection of famous footwear has been brought together by LEPRA, The British Leprosy Relief Association, to help raise awareness of the disease and funds for the charity. Even though leprosy is curable, there are still over 700,000 people diagnosed with the disease every year.

Dennis Bergkamp has donated Reebok DMX size 9 donated by the Dutch maestro. Dennis has been a regular at Highbury and for the Dutch National side for a number of years and his skills have thrilled millions of fans worldwide. These match-worn boots have both been signed by Dennis in white ink/marker along the instep. Bidding starts at just Ł1.

To view the full collection of shoes on offer, visit then click on the link to eBay to register. Remember, the auction starts on 8th November 2002. Make a date and support our work. Good luck.

If you would like a photo of the boots to go with this just let me know.

Kind regards

Angela Duncan Fundraising Assistant


-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

Just wanted to say I saw highlights of Nordin Wooter's performance last week-end for Rosendaal. He was absolutely incredible. His touch was out of this world, he tricked his was past countless dumbfounded opponents. When he came off before the end, the entire bench got up to shake his hand and congratulate him.

Strange he never made it with a bigger team.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

Sunderland are still trying to lure a striker to their Stadium Of Light. Zlatan 's name is still all over the place, but another candidate for Sunderland is Rangers FC and former Ajax player Michael Mols.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

So, RBC Roosendaal has offered Nordin Wooter a one year contract (probably because they can only afford him when playing in the Eredivisie and they'll have to see what happens;I'll tell you they're staying in).

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2002

Yeah, Nordin Wooter's back! We can forget the title and the Amstel Cup. The double will go to Roosendaal this year.

The funniest thing about it, was that Wooter offered his services to RBC Roosendaal, thinking that he could sign a big fat contract straight away. He apparently thought that such a tiny club would be delighted about a former Ajax Champions League star being interested in playing for them.

No way Jose, said RBC, you can tag along for a while on a try-out. We'll see whether we need you.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2002

In an major effort to swing the balance of power away from the BIG 3,RBC have reportedly signed on the X-man (as in ex- Ajax, ex- Watford, and ex-Real Zaragosa), Norodin Wooter.This signing is reportedly sending shock waves, of laughter, throughout Football boardrooms everywhere.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2002

Ajax Netwerk reports that former Ajax right back Christopher Kanu has joined TOP Oss, to play for last season's bottom team in the Dutch First Division on an amateur basis. Christopher Kanu played a handful of games in Ajax-1 in the dismal centenary season under coach Jan Wouters. He lost his spot and dropped back to Young Ajax. Quite surprisingly, he was then loaned out to Spanish side Deportivo Alavés, which club - however - sent him back to Amsterdam for disciplinary reasons. Ajax and Kanu then agreed on dissolving Kanu's contract.

The financial situation of many Dutch football clubs is precarious. Most clubs want to get rid of players, and do not want to sign any new players. Therefore, many professional footballers are facing unemployment. Russian Feyenoord striker Igor Korneev was the first one to offer his services for free (to NAC). Christopher Kanu is the second player to do this. The players hope to win a contract or draw the attention of other clubs. Playing on an amateur basis - logically - allows them to walk out whenever they want.

For your information: when a player who has played for Ajax-1 leaves the club, we usually announce this as news on the Ajax USA homepage. However, since Chris Kanu's contract was dissolved last year, he was already a 'former Ajacied' when he joined TOP Oss. Therefore, we do not announce this on the homepage, but post it here.

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2002

Well, Oulida has moved on again. He's signed a contract with French side Sedan. No idea whether they're in the highest league. Probably so.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

Yes, it's true... Tarik Oulida is currently in training at Ajax. However, as far as I know, there are no plans of signing him. He just wants to leave Japan's J-League, but if there's one type of player Ajax does not need, it would be a left/central midfielder (Van der Vaart, Pienaar, Maxwell, Witschge).

Which is, in a way, the story of Tarik Oulida's life. He was a superb player, but he never really made it in the 'Great Ajax' of the mid-1990s, simply due to stiff competition. He was up against Edgar Davids for the left midfield spot, and to Jari Litmanen for the 'number 10'. If they were suspended (Davids...) or injured (Litmanen...) their replacements usually were Bogarde (left midfield) and Nwankwo Kanu (#10). Phew...

Johan Cruijff was a particularly big fan of Oulida's. Actually, he once said that Louis van Gaal was a fool and that he was detroying Oulida. "That kid should have been in the starting line-up since age 18", was Cruijff's opinion. Makes sense as such, but can you blame Van Gaal for lining up Davids and Litmanen?

Oh well... Cruijff and Van Gaal have always been at war in the press.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

There has been a Tarik Oulida sighting.Ajax Netwerk. to reported yesterday that Tarik Oulida, former Ajax defender/ midfielder, was training with Jong Ajax for the purpose of keeping his fitness level up. I must admit his return to Amsterdam makes me feel nostalgic.I still have memories of his 2 goals on 7 December 1994 ,v. AEK Athens, in a CL group match.

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

Former Ajax youth player Quido Lanzaat has signed a contract at German Second Bundesliga side Allemannia Aachen. Mind you: this Lanzaat is coming from Borussia Mönchengladbach and is not Denny Landzaat, playing for Willem II and also coming from the Ajax youth...

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

Well okay, he's not a former Ajax player but a former Ajax coach... Anyway: Tomislav Ivic (Ajax coach for two seasons from 1976 to 1978) can't get enough of the world of football. Despite his repectable age, he signed a one year contract with Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, of all places. Ivic's salary is $ 450,000 a year.

Here's a few of the clubs where Ivic worked as head-coach: Anderlecht, Standard Liege, Hajduk Split, Galatasaray, Olympique Marseille, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético Madrid, Ajax and Benfica. He also was the national coach of Croatia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. (Source: VI

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2002

Surprising news on NOS Teletekst today... John van 't Schip has resigned from FC Twente with immediate effect. The management had not expected it and states that Van 't Schip's decision comes as an "unpleasant surprise, but we respect his decision." Van 't Schip himself said that staying with FC Twente "would not be in the club's best interest." Hmmmm...?

Anyway: it certainly is a strange moment, at the beginning of the preparations for the new season, one month before the league kicks off. It will be hard to find a new job for at this point. Maybe he wants to take a sabbatical... His first season as a head coach, in Enschede, has not been easy for John.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

Remember our pal Nordin Wooter. Just to fresh up your memory: if I were the coach of the 'Crappiest Ajax Team of All Time', Nordin Wooter would be my right winger. Anyways... He's been travelling Europe like a backpacker since he left Amsterdam. Below is a translation of a report on VI

After Ajax, Real Zaragoza and Watford, AA Ghent is likely to become the new employer of Nordin Wooter. Last week, the Belgian club's management had talks with the 25 year old forward, who can leave on a free transfer since and is desperately trying to find a new club.

"I was in Ghent the other day and had a meeting with the chairman and the coach [former Young Ajax coach Jan Olde Riekerink, ed.]", Wooter told VI Planet on Monday. "This week we'll be discussing the financials. So far, it looks promising. The people are nice and there's this real 'family atmosphere'. Moreover, I know the coach, which is a comfortable feeling."

Reportedly, clubs from Portugal, England, Turkey and Italy have also shown interest in the former Ajacied, but Wooter want to try and sort it out with AA Ghent first. "I will know more on Tuesday. I don't expect any problems in my talks with Ghent, but then again: they gotta have something to offer."

In September of 1999, Wooter moved from Zaragoza to Watford, which club had just gone up to the Premiership at that time. He never really won a slot in the first team. His first season was okay: twenty games and one goal, but as 'The Hornets' went down to Division One in 2000, Wooter slowly slipped out of the picture.

Wooter recently told VI Planet that he's not up for any new adventure. "I've reached an important point in my career. I am 25 years old and I want to move to a club where I can actually play often. I've made a few wrong choices in the past. My next move does not have to be adventurous. Also, I will no longer choose for the money. Right now, I want to find a club that really suits me." (Source: VI

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002


Former Ajax left back and coach-assistant Peter Boeve (45) has signed a two year contract as the new head-coach of FC Zwolle, the north- eastern side that got promoted to the Eredivisie this year. Boeve is the successor of Paul Krabbe, who won the First Division championship with FC Zwolle, but still had to go.

As a player Boeve won four Dutch championships and the European Cup Winners Cup of 1987 with Ajax. He also played for Vitesse and Belgian side Beerschot, before he became a coach. He was a coach-assisitant at Willem II and a head-coach at RKC Waalwijk, before he moved back to Ajax to assist Co Adriaanse. Van Veen accepted a new job as a scout, but Boeve turned all offers down, after which the case turned into a legal affair. The KNVB court decided that Ajax had the right to terminated Boeve's contract. However, the Amsterdam club had to pay him a sum of money.

General director Jeroen Bijl of FC Zwolle is happy with the signing of Boeve: "We were looking for a coach with experience on the highest level, both as a player and as a coach. Peter Boeve has that. He also has a determined and ambitious personality, which is exactly what we had in mind."

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2002

NOS Teletekst reports that former Ajax left midfielder and current Vitesse captain Michel Kreek (31) has signed a two year contract at Greek giants AEK Athens. His contract includes an option to extend for one more season. Kreek was a member of the Ajax team of 1992 that won the UEFA Cup by beating Italian side AC Torino in the final.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2002

Some nice success for 'good old' Stanley Menzo... He won the over-all Dutch amateur championship with his current club, AGOVV from Apeldoorn (which is, by the way, the central-eastern city where our good friend Bastiaan hails from).

With Menzo defending the AGOVV goal, the 'blues' from Apeldoorn beat Huizen, 2-1. The first game of the final, in Huizen, ended 1-1 last week. Menzo did not get to play the full 90 minutes, by the way. During the chaotic final phase of the game, the former Ajax goalie pushed an opponent and was sent off. At that point, AGOVV had a 2-0 lead. Huizen pulled one back against the remaining ten players, but did not equalize.

This was probably Stanley Menzo's last game as a goalkeeper. Next year, he will become the head coach of AGOVV. Their current coach, former Feyenoord player Peter Bosz, will leave the club to coach De Graafschap.

For the fanatics amongst you: Young Ajax beat Huizen during their impressive Amstel Cup campaign of last season. Ajax fans will soon get acquainted with AGOVV as well, as Ajax-1 will play a pre-season friendly in Apeldoorn in July. Next season (2003-2004) AGOVV will make the jump to the First Division of Dutch professional football. (Source:

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2002

Radio programme last night was reporting that Kluivert doesnt fit in with Van Gaals plans and they are going to offload him - any truth in this one ?

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2002

i need some information and pictures for mr arie hann who will be the coache foe the bigest team in africa and egypt(al-ahly) thaks

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2002

If Inter and Milan get what they want Clarence Seedorf will play in red-black next season instead of the blue-black this season. Clarence still has to agree himself though. Same goes for Coco (Milan, this season on loan at Barca) who's involved in the deal.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002

Ajax Netwerk reports that Aron Winter and John Nieuwenburg can not stay at Sparta now the Rotterdam club has gone down to the Gouden Gids Divisie (= 'Yellow Pages Division', the former First Division). The two players (35 and 23 years old respectively) were on Sparta's pay-role, but Ajax will now have to start paying them again. Ajax does not want Winter and Nieuwenburg back, so they will have to start looking for a new club (or quit, which seems an option for Winter).

It kind of surprises me that Winter and Nieuwenburg were apparently paid by Sparta. Usually, loaned out players get paid by the club they originally have a contract with. This was the reason why Jan van Halst agreed to play for Fortuna Sittard for a year: he was still receiving good cash from Ajax. That's why he did not want to be sold.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2002

Just read this interesting little report on NOS Teletekst. All Italian Serie A clubs have revealed their lists of players they want to sell. Quite surprisingly, Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids and Jaap Stam are on the lists of the their respective clubs as well.

Almost the entire Serie A is in financial trouble. Fiorentina (just relegated to the Serie B) has put two complete line-ups on its transfer list,

This shows that Italian football has collapsed. The level has dropped dramatically. Not a single Italian club reached a European final this year and it's typical that the best Milan club (Inter) got eliminated by Holland's #3 (Feyenoord), whereas the second Milan club (AC Milan) was humiliated and almost knocked out by what was then Holland's #15 (Roda JC).

The level will now drop even further. I read a very interesting article a while ago which basically predicted that the same thing will happen in Spain and England in a few years' time. In England, some 15 Premiership sides are in big trouble. And you can't be the best team in the world in a dead league.

I look forward to it, I must say.

The German Bundesliga will be the best league in Europe in a few years' time (cos German clubs don't just flush their money down the toilet, like they've been doing for years in Italy). Even the biggest and richest clubs have come to face tha fact that it's time to actually start thinking. This season they've found out that they can't just keep spending and spending, buying and buying. They just can't afford it anymore, which is why there were hardly any serious offers for Chivu, Van Bommel and Hofland, to name a few.

This development is the ultimate proof that there will always be times in which Dutch clubs can do well in Europe. They will fall then back, like we've seen in the past three or four seasons, but (other than what the press has been writing) it's never "over" for Dutch clubs.

In some other thread, Rich Savare wrote the other day that the quality level of the Dutch league has dropped. I must say I don't really see that. There's no Ajax team like in 1995, that's for sure, but other than that? Is Willem II vs FC Groningen a poorer quality game than it was in '95, or in any other year in history? Was Fortuna SIttard weaker than 1995's #18 (wasn't it VVV Venlo?)? Were PSV and Feyenoord weaker than they were in 1995? No way; quite on the contrary, I'd say. The only difference is Ajax.

This season's Dutch league was tremendously exciting, because the top teams kept losing points against smaller opponents. This can mean two things:

1) the Dutch league is of tremendously high quality over-all

2) the top teams (let alone the rest) have no quality

Which one is true, is indicated by the European performances of the top teams. I think the fact that Holland's #3 won the UEFA Cup and that a Dutch relegation candidate played AC Milan off the park in San Siro indicates that it's not as bad as everyone has been writing and saying for a year or three. The Ajax team of 1995 was a team of exceptional quality. Other than that, I don't think the Dutch league as a whole is weaker than it was in 1995. Quite on the contrary, really.

The quality level of the Champions League is the most overrated thing in modern football. The number of top clubs is much smaller than a few years ago. Real Madrid, Man Utd and Bayern Munich are the only three top sides not in deep financial shit. Liverpool, Arsenal and Barcelona come close. But on average, there's definitely not more than one opponent per group in the first round of the Champions League for Ajax to be afraid of. Look at PSV: they played the first round of the Champions League while they were having a deep crisis in domestic football. They lost everything. In the Champions League, they were in the race until the last game and were actually unlucky not to advance.

If they had played like they did in the second half of the season, they would have made it to the second round. Also, November of 2001 was the only fucking month in the entire season in which FC Copenhagen could possibly have eliminated Ajax. We would have eaten them alive at any other moment.

European succes for a Dutch club will always be an incident (the early 1970s were the only time that it was not an incident, but a structural thing). But incidents are always possible (see Feyenoord) - Bosman ruling or no Bosman ruling.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2002

By now, you've probably all heard the sad sad news that Ajax man and current Sparta coach Frank Rijkaard received a death threat yesterday. An envelope containing a bullet was sent to Sparta. There was also a short letter, announcing that Rijkaard, his wife and his kids were going to get seriously hurt if Sparta did not fire Rijkaard immediately.

At first, Sparta wanted to keep all this a secret. The club took the threat seriously. Extra police protection for Rijkaard's family was arranged immidiately.

However, as a few media reported about it, Sparta decided to issue an official statement. The club has announced that no risk will be taken when it comes to the safety of Rijkaard and his family, but that there's no way that Sparta will do what the sender of the envelope demands.

The story is now on, too.

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

'Good old' Stanley Menzo has signed a new contract as next season's new head coach of prestigious Dutch amateur club AGOVV from Apeldoorn. He replaces former Feyenoord player, Peter Bosz. AGOVV is one of the most ambitious amateur sides in The Netherlands. The club will 'go professional' and join the First Division in the 2003-2004 season. It says a lot that Menzo turned down an offer from Belgian First Class side Lierse SK, and chose for AGOVV.

A beautiful little detail: Menzo's very first game as coach of AGOVV will be a pre-season friendly against... Ajax, on 13 July.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2002

In fact, Bosman scored #250 and #251 in his last game.

What a way to say goodbye.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

Just saw the NOS Teletekst note that Ajacied John Bosman did in fact collect goal number 250 today!!The summary indicated that he was given a great ovation from the AZ crowd. By the way, I know NEC are a better club at home but they got beaten 5:0 at AZ.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

You probably remember that Sparta player John Nieuwenburg, who's still having a contract with Ajax, was carried of the pitch during last Sunday's Sparta vs Ajax game. It turns out that his injury is really serious: he tore his hamstrings ans will be out for several months. His season is over.

For Ajax, it will of course become more difficult now to sell him during the summer break. But the main thing is that this is very sad for Nieuwenburg. As he was on the grass, the Ajax section sang the old Amsterdam classic Oh Johnny for him (originally by Tante Leen!). Hopefully it made him feel a little bit better.

All the best to Johnny.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

FYI...Kuper on Kluivert from (I think he's a bit generous...Kluivert's still chokes in my opinion)



OPINION Why Kluivert deserves better at Barca

Friday 15th March 2002

by Simon Kuper

Let's get the main cliche out of the way first: Patrick Kluivert is not a bad man.

When he bursts into a room slapping backs and shining that translucent grin on everyone from king to doorman, you wonder whether this really is the baby-eater of popular imagination. People who know him tend to like him.

Kluivert did some bad things when he was young. Like David Beckham, he is never going to win Mastermind. But he is a nice guy and an excellent footballer.

The only thing is that he should be a great one. What is holding him back is the mess his club, Barcelona, are in. Real Madrid, a proper team rather than a collection of stars, could show them up in the Nou Camp this Saturday night.

Footballers are a bit like people, in that they change with age.

When they first appear, in their late teens, they are treated like babies. Everything they do is delightful. "Kluivert, Kluivert, we're going to win the league" was the favourite song at Ajax in his first season, 1994-95.

The 18-year-old scored 18 Eredivisie goals as well as the winner in the Champions' League final.

The next stage of footballing life is adolescence. The player occasionally disappoints. Everyone gets angry. Meanwhile, he suddenly finds himself with money, a sports car and the chance to sleep with half the young women in town.

Even those of us with none of those handicaps can be a bit odd at 19. Kluivert briefly went off the rails. He killed a museum director while speeding in his car, and with some friends was accused of gang- raping a young woman. They went free on the grounds that the group sex was consensual.

Kluivert has had an appalling reputation ever since. However, like other former 19-year-olds, he has grown up.

Criminologists know that most young offenders become upstanding citizens after the testosterone stops roaring and they have families. This seems to have happened to Kluivert. He may commit the odd marital peccadillo (and whose business is that?) but he is not a wild teenager anymore.

He has also matured as a player. Even when he was 18, you could see that in potential he had everything: height, pace, strength, timing, a knack for goal, will-power and phenomenal skill. (Johan Cruyff once told me that Kluivert had "a reasonable to good technique", one of the many silly things that have been said about the player.)

The early Kluivert was a classic centre-forward: he ran on to passes and tried to score. Over time he has become more complete.

From about 1997 to 2000, when Holland and Barcelona were using wingers, he was in his element. The ball would reach him at centre- forward, two defenders in his back and with an instant flick, often with his heel, he would set a winger racing for freedom down the flank. Or he would step over the ball to free the other winger.

He was a playmaker and centre-forward in one shirt. No front man was more skilful.

But others did score more: Kluivert has never hit 20 league goals in a season. Scoring sometimes seems to be a detail for him, a banality with which he refuses to concern himself.

He would rather pass. His misses in front of goal against Ireland in Dublin last September helped cost Holland a place in the World Cup.

"I see him as a midfielder," said Louis van Gaal, the Holland manager around that time, and though one saw what he meant, it was another silly remark. Striker is the toughest position. Kluivert has all the attributes to play it. He would be wasted in midfield.

Still only 25 (born on the very same day, July 1, 1976, as Ruud van Nistelrooy), he continues to grow.

He has begun scoring more regularly. He already has 16 league goals this season and six in the Champions' League, despite playing for Barcelona.

Most players move from babyhood through adolescence to become responsible members of their team. Only a few become "fathers" on the field, able to carry their side. Kluivert is getting there.

If only Barcelona would let him.

Watching them against Liverpool in the Nou Camp on Wednesday night, you felt sorry for him. The wingers have gone.

Instead, he was accompanied up front by Rivaldo and Javier Saviola, two players who share his urge to receive the ball to feet in the centre of the pitch.

Three in the middle was a mess. Rivaldo and Saviola generally dribbled until they lost the ball or (in Rivaldo's case) shot from almost anywhere. Kluivert had no one to combine with. Rivaldo and Saviola do not run into space.

The Dutchman's ability to switch play with one flick (thinking of Kluivert, you always imagine him back-heeling) was wasted. The great flanks of the Nou Camp lay empty.

After the game, the grey, forlorn Barcelona manager Charly Rexach, promoted above his abilities, mumbled silly answers to sensible questions.

Why hadn't he used wingers? Well, he already had three forwards, and anyway, things might have gone no better with a winger. That settled that one, then.

Barcelona possess the world's most complete centre-forward at the peak of his powers, the man whom Van Nistelrooy, his twin, revered as an unattainable idol until a couple of months ago.

Barcelona is a big enough club not to play primary-school football. They could try building a team around Kluivert instead.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

This is from Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf:


Tom Sier will end his professional football career at the end of this season. The 32 year-old Volendam native joined Sparta at the beginning od this season, coming from Ajax. He never won a spot in the first team in Amsterdam, and was allowed to leave on a free transfer.

Due to several injuries, Sier only played 6 games for Sparta. Earlier this week, Sparta coach Frank Rijkaard announced the names of a number of players whom will not be offered a new contract at season's end. Sier is one of them.

In total, Tom Sier played 249 games in Dutch professional football, for FC Volendam, SC Heerenveen, Ajax and Sparta.


Hmmm... This guy has not been lucky in the past few years. At Volendam and Heerenveen, he was close to being selected for an Oranje friendly a few times. When he moved to Ajax, PSV was also interested. Since he joined Ajax, things went down-hill. He sustained one injury after the other, and never secured a spot in the line-up (he wasn't good enough for that either, by the way).

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2002

Poor old Frankie Rijkaard and Aron Winter...

They're fighting to stay in the Eredivisie with Sparta. At this moment, they're playing at Willem II in tilburg, and they're 3-0 down after only 16 minutes... Hopeless.

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2002

Once and, if you believe the article now circulating,future ajacied Richard "Lazarus" Witschge has risen from the dead to score the 0:1 goal for Alaves today.The opponent is none other than Real Madrid.The match is still early . I could only find him buried in the substitute listings for Alaves prior to today.

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2002


Van Der Sar Wants To Finish With Ajax 02/14/2002. Former Juventus keeper and Oranje number one, Edwin Van Der Sar has revealed that he intends to finish his playing career with Ajax. Now with Fulham, Van der Sar lifted the European Cup in 1995 with the Amsterdammers in 1995.

He told television station AT5: "I'm having a good time in England with Fulham, but I would love to play at Ajax sometime again. Who knows, maybe I will end my career the same way Frank Rijkaard did, at Ajax. That would be the best way to bring it to a close."

Well I certainly wouldn't object! Probably some time off though...I believe Ajax tried to sign him when Juve wanted to get rid of him, but we didn't have the same resources as that "massive" club...Fulham. Oh...for a decent t.v. contract!!!

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002

Anyone interested in what our friend Kiki Musampa is up to, these days? He's playing for Malaga now (didn't even know that) and seems to have taken a part-time job as an anti-racism activist...

This is from

Malaga back Musampa over racist taunts

Malaga general director Antonio Mendoza has backed midfielder Kiki Musampa over claims that he was racially abused in his side's 1-0 win over Alaves at the weekend.

"We back the player because I think we must end this kind of racist behaviour, although it's very common and won't be an easy task," Mendoza said.

Musampa alleged that Alaves defender Fabricio Coloccini racially abused him during the match and has also claimed that Angel (Las Palmas) and Juanele (Real Zaragoza) have done the same in the past.

"I can bear with the faults and the kicks but I can't take being insulted because of the color of my skin," Musampa said.

"I can't understand that from a football player. I could if it was a fan but not a player like me. You can never mix racism with football."

Malaga won the match courtesy of a last-minute strike from Dely Valdes.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2002

Was on Planet Football and noticed a tidbit of interest to Ajax fans. Henk Ten Cate apparently wants to keep Youssef Hersi on loan for one more year .To paraphrase Ten Cate, NAC are just waiting to see what Ajax will do in the next three(three what? as the sentence was cut off). The article's author comments that Ronald Koeman probably will want Youssef Hersi for his own selection next season.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002


Ajax and Christopher Kanu have agreed to terminate the Nigerian's contract with immediate effect. His contract would have expired this summer on 30 June, 2002.

Nwankwo Kanu's younger brother joined Ajax in 1997, made his debut in Ajax-1 in June of 1999 and played 15 league games for Ajax in total. He also played three UEFA Cup games. He played six games under Co Adriaanse last season, but was then deemed 'not good enough' and was told to look out for a new club.

He played for Young Ajax for the rest of the season (winning the Dutch chamnpionship for reserves teams). This season, he was loaned out to Spanish side Deportivo Alaves (where he was re-united woth Richard Witschge).

A few weeks ago, Kanu was sent back to Amsterdam. Deportivo Alaves wanted to get rid of him for disciplinary reasons. Since Kanu has no future at Ajax, the club decided to allow him a free transfer. For now, he will train with Jan Olde Riekerink's Young Ajax squad.

(A personal note: Kanu is an *extremely* weak player. 'Not good enough' indeed. A good decision by Ajax).

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

Dennis Bergkamp delivered the goal which sent Arsenal thru to the next round of the FA Cup. He scored on 27'. It was the only goal of the match. He then got sent off,along with 2 other players, on 71'. On the losing end of the 1:0 scoreline were Jari Littmanen's Liverpool. Littmanen came on for Anelka on 46'. No word on how he played.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2002

Reported in The Times on Thursday January 10 that Dries Boussatta is to have a weeks trial at Newcastle.See under Sport and Newcastle Utd Also reported yesterday that Georgi Kinkladze will be allowed to leave Derby County after only 4 starting appearances this season.

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2002

From Ajax

"Marco van Basten is determined to become a professional coach. The former Ajacied has decided to take the shortened version of the KNVB Course for Professional Coaching. He will start his course in September of 2002. Only players with more than 40 Oranje caps can take a shortened version of the course; all others are obliged to do the full course. Van Basten played 58 games for Holland. The coaches who did the shortened course include Van Basten's former team mates Ronald Koeman, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard."

I have read some more reports about this. Van Basten did not want to say anything about Ajax. Therefore, there is no official confirmation that he takes this course because he wants to return to Ajax. He did say that there has been no contact with Ronald Koeman so far. He made an interesting remark when he was asked about Co Adriaanse's comments ("I don't need Van Basten in my staff, I wouldn't know what he should do"). Van Basten said, with a smile, that those remarks "did not exactly improve [Adriaanse's] position at Ajax". That's definitely right...

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2002

I guess the best topic for this is the 'Former Players' thread. After all: Co Adriaanse wanted him to soon become a former Ajax player...

However, the career of JAN VAN HALST is expected to take a spectacular turn in the winter break. Ronald Koeman insinuated on AT5 television that he will probably invite Van Halst back to the first selection!!

Van Halst was bought by Jan Wouters, had (just like every other Ajacied, basically) a terrible 1999-2000 season and was dumped by Co Adriaanse at the start of the 2000-2001 season. Van Halst was (With Winter, Nieuwenburg, Vierklau and - initially - Tim de Cler) sent to what Adriaanse referred to as "dressing room B": the group trained separately and didn't play any games.

Van Halst was loaned out to Fortuna Sittard during the previous season, the Limburg club wanted to buy him but he was too expensive. He was on trial at some English side (don't remember which one) and he is now - believe it or not - hosting a TV show about FC Twente on regional network TV East. However, he still has a player contract with Ajax.

In his first weeks at Ajax, Ronald Koeman concluded that Ajax has a lot of skill and technical ability, but that the team lacks fighting spirit. Koeman likes Jan van Halst: he wanted to sign him at the beginning of this season, as he was still coaching Vitesse. But Vitesse thought Van Halst was too expensive.

This would be spectacular.

I, personally, have mixed feelings about it. On a rational level, I'd have to agree with Koeman: an experienced guy, a real fighter, may be a good thing. But I've never liked Van Halst as a football player. I think he's a Feyenoord type player - and I hate that... Once Van Halst's return is officially announced by Ajax, we will publish it on the home page.

Right now, it's still unconfirmed. But it's a 99% case, I think.

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2001

Remember our South-African friend, Benni McCarthy?

I didn't even know where he was playing. Apparently he was sitting on the bench at Celta de Vigo in Spain. Earlier this season, he was gonna be transferred to Middlesbrough in England, but the English government didn't grant him a labour permit.

Now, he is loaned out to Portugese giants FC Porto for the rest of the season. Porto also has an option to buy McCarthy at the end of the season. "I am very happy that a big club like FC Porto has faith in me", says Benni, according to "This is a great opportunity for me to finally get to play. I know what I'm capable of and I am confident that I will get a chance in Porto's starting line- up."

Good for Benni.

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2001

I was just wondering how Dani was doing in Atletico Madrid. They seems to be progressing very well, and possibly will be back to the first division next year. So I just hope I can see Dani again in there.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2001

It would, of course, be absolutely fantastic if Young Ajax eliminates FC Twente in the Amstel Cup on Wednesday, but such a victory would have on sad thing as a result: if it happens, 'good old' Johnny van 't Schip will almostly certainly be fired as FC Twente's head coach. After they had such a succesful season last year (winning the Amstel Cup) they're doing extremly bad this season. They're now 17th on the table. Only 'Dead tuna' Sittard are doing worse. This is miles and miles below FC Twente's standard. The first reports were in the press today: Van 't Schip's job is in the hands of the Ajax youth...

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2001

It seems the "Dutch phantom" is still in haunt as ex-Ajacied Ronald de Boer missed a penalty with two minutes left, during a UEFA Cup tie against PSG in Paris. Nevertheless Rangers, laden with many Dutchmen in the likes of Konterman, Numan, Ricksen, Mols (another ex-Ajax), Advocaat and other familiar names such as Arveladze, advanced through to the next round, thanks to (a very non-Dutchlike style) successful penalty shoot-out.

Yeah, I'm glad they did make it through.

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2001

This is some of the nicest Ajax news I heard lately. The kind of news that makes you feel good... Read it on Ajax Netwerk.

You guys remember Marciano Vink? A talented Ajax player. People expected him to be the next Frank Rijkaard. He started as a defender, later played as a right midfielder. Won the UEFA Cup of 1992 with Ajax, then moved to Genoa in Italy. That's where the trouble started. He got injured, didn't get to play. Moved to PSV. Had a horrible time there. Most people don't even remember he ever played there, cos he was always injured. Doctors told him he could forget about his career. His injuries were too serious, No more professional football.

We heard nothing from him for years and years, but in the mean time, Vink kept the faith and still believed he was good enough. He went back in training at amateur club Lelystad, and worked until he was as fit as a professional again.

He bought his own plane ticket to Cape Town and offered his services there, to Ajax Cape Town. "Just give me a try-out and I'll show you that I'm good enough." That's what he did. He won a contract - and yes: he scored his first goal yesterday in the highest South-African league, in Ajax' 2-0 victory over Hellenic.

This is the short version of a LONG story. One word: RESPECT!

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2001

Remarkable news: NOS Teletekst reports that WINSTON BOGARDE is currently training with AZ in Alkmaar. The former Sparta and Ajax defender has no more perspective at Chelsea FC, from London, where he is in a conflict with coach Claudio Ranieri. Chelsea allowed him to fly back to Holland and stay fit at AZ (why AZ, for God's sakes?? The Teletekst report does not say that...)

Bogarde says that he went in training at AZ to stay fit and to start enjoying football again. Bogarde signing a contract at AZ is, apparently, not an issue. (Source: NOS Teletekst)

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

Thanks for Peter Hoekstra he is doing marvellously well for Stoke City at the moment, he is playing as a striker and looks a classy player. If Stoke win tonight we go top!!!

Come on Stoke

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

This is nice (from

Some of you may know HEINZ STUY, the goalkeeper of the 'Golden Ajax' from the 1970s. Stuy was the Ajax-1 goalkeeper from 1968 to 1976 and he also holds the record of the highest ever number of Dutch league games without conceding a goal: he kept the score-sheet clean for Ajax in 12 games in a row.

Edwin van der Sar came close in 1995, but didn't make it. During the past months, Feyenoord goalie Edwin Zoetebier seemed to be on his way to break the record. But Feyenoord had to play NAC in Breda and (a lot of you may have watched the game) lost, 2-1, thereby saving the record of the Ajax goalie.

To express his gratitude, Heinz Stuy sent the scorer of NAC's frist goal, Brazilian striker Cristiano, a bouquet of flowers, which was given to the player during training. The Brazilian didn't understand why someone had sent him this present. NAC coach, Henk ten Cate, told him the story. Cristiano said he was "very honored".

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2001

Now I know the footballing world has gone mad. I just read a blurb,on the One website, about Newcastle/Bobby Robson being interested in Kiki Musampa. The article says his employer, Malaga FC, rates him at 15 million pounds. He has scored 5 goals so far this year or 3 million per goal. They must smoke some good stuff in Spain; where Newcastle is presently doing warm weather training during the lull in the action.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2001

On the Van Basten thing.....

Co strikes me as a bit of a control freak, who likes predominantly younger more influencable players whom he can dominate. Van Basten (or Johan C) entering the club could undermine his authority. If I had his manangement style I would block the move too. We all know how opinionated Dutch players are (particularly Ajax ones!), I think it would be only divisive to the current chemistry. If there was a consensus building environment (like the Dutch National set-up for Euro 2000), with a "democratic" manager like Rijkaard it would make sense, but not here, not now.

Co seems to be getting a fair bit of stick on the message board right now, not surprising given the UEFA cup result, but they are TOP of the table for the first time in many years with what is still a young "jelling" team. I think we need to give them more time to blossom. Bringing in ex-players endangers the chemistry with the potential for Bayern Munich type "he said...she said" gossip and spats. Those kinds of "soap opera" type distractions are only possible in massive clubs like Bayern, Real, Barcelona, Milan, Man U., etc. where the resources and squad depth compensate.


-- Anonymous, November 08, 2001

What??? VanBasten is coming back to Ajax??? That is the greatest news I have heard recently. Only his presence in the team (even if he does not play) will be huge for guys like Mido and Zlatan. So, I think all the fans should strike against Co if he does not want to get Marco. After all VanBasten is billion times better for me than Co Adriaanse.


-- Anonymous, November 06, 2001

Heard a rumour over the weekend that the board are looking to bring Van Basten back as a player !!!!!! - and that Co is resisting. Surely it cant be true and if it is I am on the barricades with Co on this one.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2001

Yesterday night result: Sparta vs PSV 2-1!!

Thanks to coach Frank Rijkaard and of course good old 'Arie' Winter, who scored the equalizer for Sparta.

Thanks guys.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2001

Former Ajax (and Feyenoord...) striker Peter van Vossen, now playing for De Graafschap, was suspended for two games today for hitting an opponent during the game against SC Heerenveen.

Which means that Van Vossen will not be there on Sunday, when De Graafschap plays Ajax. There will be plenty of former Ajacieden, though: Rody Turpijn, Milan Berck-Beelenkamp and Dennis Schulp, for example.

Sunday's game in Doetinchem is sold out, kick off is at 2:30 PM Dutch time and unfortunately the game will not be televised on Fox Sports World. I'll be there, though, and will of course fix you a detailed match report, which will be on Ajax USA on Sunday evening...

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2001

Does anyone know whatever happened to Tarik Oulida? He looked like a good young player in the Champion's League-winning season (94-95), but I think he was traded over that summer and I've never heard of him again...

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2001

I don't know too much more about the system used in England apart from the fact that it is a government ruling that the players from outside the EU have to apply for a work permit and if they do not satisfy the conditions then it is refused. Probably this type of problem occurs elsewhere and has led to the passport "problems" in Italy.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2001

Heard the news on Benni McCarthy?

Celta de Vigo wanted to loan him out to Middlesbrough (England, Premiership), but he didn't get a license/permit to play in England (there's a news link to a BBC OnLine story on the homepage now). The English Department of Employment demands that players from outside the European Union played 75% of the games for their national team in the past two (three?) seasons. Benni didn't play the required percentage of games for South-Africa.

Two thoughts:

First of all: Middlesbrough wanted Benni because they only scored one goal in four games and are in need of a striker who scores easily. I don't know how Benni has developed, but at Ajax he did definitely *not* score easily. *If* he scored, his goals were usually beautiful, but he kept missing chances in front of open goal in the most incredible and stupid ways. It was one of the reasons why Ajax sold him, actually: he wasn't even close to making the progress Ajax had hoped for. Mind you: he came to Ajax in the same year in which PSV bought Ronaldo, and the Dutch press regarded them as two equally talented youngsters.

Second thought: what a stupid rule they have in England. It's obviously designed to make sure that foreign (non-European) players are of a certain quality level. Almost every country has some sort of rule to guarantee that. They want clubs to look for natives of their own country first, which is a good thing. But in the English situation, some kind of crap amateur player from the Nepal or Trinidad & Tobago national team would be theoretically welcome, whereas a *very* talented Argentinian striker who's not in the national team only because Batistuta is already there, would be f*cked. Makes no sense.

Not that the rule in Holland is so brilliant: we have some kind of 'jury'. They decide whether a non-European player has 'something extra' which is not available in the E.U. That method is in itself more subjective than the English method (the jury can make mistakes, granting an Argentinian scarecrow such as Ivan Gabrich permission to play in the Dutch league...), but I prefer it anyway, because ridiculous situations such as my example above are not possible.

Maybe someone from England can provide some additional info on that rule? (Bill?) What if a player's been injured for a year and therefore missed a handful of national team games?

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2001

I saw two blurbs of interest to AJAX supporters;one on Finidi George and one on Richard Witschge. It seems that Finidi George is today closer to joining Ipswich but that no deal is yet signed. Second, new FC Twente coach, and former Ajacied, John van't Schip says that Twente won't be signing Richard Witschge. He says the side has several players who play Witschge's spot and that his contract demands are too much. So, Witschge continues to train with AJAX-2 while his future is sorted out.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001

By the way: Nigeria has qualified for the World Cup 2002, by beating Ghana 3-0. Tijjani Babangida scored two goals for his country. I'm not sure whether Pius Ikedia was playing for Nigeria. Probably not; I think he was in Amsterdam. One thing's for sure: Yakubu was not playing for Ghana. He was playing for Ajax against Liverpool... :-)

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2001

I haven't read about Van der Sar returning in any serious sports magazine or newspaper. We all know Juventus wants to get rid of him now they've got Buffon. Van der Sar is looking for a new club and (this is a fact) he is currently training to keep the feeling at VV Katwijk, an amateur side from a coastal town near his parental home.

I'm not sure whether Katwijk is the club he played for before he joined Ajax. I do know he started at Foreholte from Voorhout (that's where he's from, orginally) and then moved to Noordwijk, another amateur side from a coastal town, a stone's throw away from Katwijk.

But as far as I know, there's no way Van der Sar will return to Ajax. He's close to ajax, but only geographically...

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2001


Well as we all know now - Winter did go to Sparta. So I'm just hoping against hope that Van Der Sar is going to be back at Ajax.

All the sites have reported at one time or the other that Van Der Sar is going to be back at Ajax. All I can say is that there can't be smoke without a fire ( & hope that I'm right ).


-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

SILLY SEASON IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!! Team (Rumour)Talk has the return of Edwin van der Sar,Aaron Winter to Sparta on 1 years loan, Finidi George being courted by Ipswich, and a group of program sellers to Groningen for a bag of balls to be named later.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

For those of you who wonder what Bryan Roy is doing at Ajax (see report and pic on homepage): he has no club at the moment (NAC Breda didn't extend his one year contract) and he asked Ajax if it was okay to participate in Ajax-2 training for a while, in order to stay fit.

Bryan Roy is *not* in the picture as a new player. He's not even training with the first team. The first team is not even there: they set off yesterday for a week-long training camp in De Lutte. The friendly games against Quick '20 (Tuesday, 17 July) and SV Vaassen (Thursday, 19 July) will be played with the De Lutte camp as Ajax' home-port.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001

This is *really* surprising...

According to almost all Dutch media, FRANK RIJKAARD is about to sign a contract as head coach of Sparta Rotterdam! A spectacularly surprising career move indeed, I'd say. I kind of like it, though. Sparta has just managed to stay in the Eredivisie, by winning their promotion/relegation play-off poule. Their coach, 1970s Holland and Feyenoord star Willem van Hanegem, resigned immediately after that. The board did not want to provide the money to improve the squad. Van Hanegem had demanded that, and resigned because he sees no future for Sparta.

So, what's happened? Did they promise Rijkaard money to buy new players? Or does he believe the current squad is good enough to work with (don't think so)? How can Sparta afford a man like Rijkaard in the first place, or has he accepted a very modest salary?

And then - of course - there's the conspiracy theories... Rijkaard is known for talking to Johan Cruijff a lot. Cruijff sort of advises him, and Rijkaard takes his advice seriously. Has Cruijff advised him to stay close to Amsterdam, and sign with a club he can easily leave when Ajax shows up? One thing's for sure: Ajax will have a tough season's start. Starting at Heerenveen, then at home against Roda and then - as early as in the 3rd game - Feyenoord vs Ajax. The Champs league preliminaries are in the same weeks. If Ajax screws up, big time, Co might get sacked before the tree-leaves start turning brown...

Is Rijkaard waiting for Ajax to call him, in Rotterdam? Has Ajax told him to stay available until Christmas?

This move generates a lot of questions...

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2001

Rudy wrote: "Dutch players only perform when there's a knife to their throats" (Johan C.)

"Johan Cruyff only keeps his mouth shut when there's a knife to his throat" (Menno P.) ;-)

Anyway... Here in Holland, not one single newspaper, commentator or even personal friend of mine seems to believe that they've actually taken that stuff in order to improve their performances. People over here believe they're innocent. Me? I don't know. If I understand the whole thing correctly, Edgar Davids first had a nandrolon level of 8 dot-something. Then he had it tested once again: the new result was 2.8 or something, whereas it is possible that some human bodies have a level of 2.0 of themselves. That doesn't sound too criminal to me. What's the use of taking such a tiny dose? And what's the use for a footballer to take dope anyway? Aggression has never been Davids' problem, I'd say. And it's not gonna make his free-kicks better or something...

Frank de Boer had 7 dot-something, which is a high level. He claims the stuff was in some nutrition supplements he's taken. Could be. If that's the truth he's been really, really stupid. Did you hear the latest, by the way? Some Dutch expert said that it is possible that his body is a unique case with an extreme nandrolon level. In that case, a possible twin brother would have the same thing. It seems like Ronald can save his brother...

Frank is pretty desperate, it seems. He's even been to the US to do some lie detector test... His first comment after the trial was: "I'll be back just in time for the WC final in Japan/Korea." Smart-ass.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2001

Regarding the bans on De Boer and Davids...

What are people in Holland saying?

Both are strongly denying guilt in the press, do people believe them back home? It does seem a big coincidence given they're on the same national team e.t.c.

I think we'll (just) beat Eire to clinch the playoff spot ("Dutch players only perform when there's a knife to their throats" Johan C.) but we could really use them if we get drawn against someone like England or (God Forbid!) Germany in the play offs.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2001

Jesus Christ... Frank de boer is banned for a full YEAR.

He'll miss Japan/Korea 2002 (if Holland qualifies anyway).

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2001

About Dani, ajax sold him to benfica. He had some troubles there and moved to Atletiko madrid.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2001

Sky Sports News is reporting that newly-promoted Den Bosch has expressed interest in signing Wim Jonk from Sheffield Wednesday. Not that I in any way support Den Bosch, but it would be nice to see a player with the class of Wim Jonk in the Eredivisie once again.

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2001

Seedorf is a strange player to figure out. He has a lot of talent and played very well when he was at Real Madrid. I always thought he made a mistake leaving Ajax for Sampdoria at the age of 19. His first stop in Italy lasted only 1 season before he was sent to Real Madrid. It has offer been reported that he was a guy with a bad attitude, and while at Real he clashed with Ivan Campo, club captain Hierro and former coach Toshack. Since his transfer to Inter Milan his form and progress have not improved. To be fair he should play in that Inter team as their midfield players are not very good. As a matter of fact Inter Milan is a real shitty team who constantly buy players and bring in new managers. There is no stability at this club that is why they suffer. I sometimes feel that Clarence does not work hard enough and he has certainly had his share of tough times. Just think about when he has played for Holland. Missed pk's against France in Euro 96 and then against Turkey in a World Cup qualifer. He is a very sensitive guy, but he should get his head straight and play with fire as he is only 24 so he should grow as a player. He always thinks that he should play in the Holland team, and to be fair his form has not been good enough, especially when you consider the number of talented Dutch Internationals he must compete with. I pray for his luck and attitude to change. Also note that his younger brothers are top prosepcts. One is with Ajax, (Stefano) and the other followed him to Real Madrid, (Cedric) and then Inter who have since loaned him to NAC Breda.


-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001

what is the story on clarence seedorf? i remember a few years back, in '94 or '95, he was expected to evolve into the same mold as frank rijkaard. what has happened? i don't believe he is in the first eleven at inter milan at the moment. back in those same years, he was in a better class than davids. i think he is one of the top five midfielders in the world. i don't know much about his history, and would like to learn more.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

i was wondering if any1 knew the whereabouts of portugese player dani (who used to play for ajax,bout 3 years back)..i think, he was a tremendous i wonder,where he is right now. alok

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

Jesus Christ, what's going on??

"Frank de Boer underwent a doping test and was found 'positive', reports newspaper De Telegraaf. The test took place on 29 April, directly after Barcelona's game against Celta de Vigo. The Spanish club has asked for a second opinion.

De Boer is the second player from the Dutch national team to react positive after a doping test. Recently, a too high dose of the muscle- strengthening substance nandrolon was found in a urine sample of Edgar Davids. The same substance was found after De Boer's test.

Remarkably, Davids as well as De Boer were found 'positive' shortly after having played a game for Holland. The result of Davids' test was announced on 04 March, four days after Holland vs Turkey. The news about De Boer came on 29 Aprtil, four days after Holland vs Cyprus. Juventus manager, Luciano Moggi, claimed that Edgar Davids had taken the nandrolon preparate while being in Holland with Oranje. The KNVB denies this." (Source: de Volkskrant)

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

Martijn Reuser doing brilliantly at Ipswich Town F.C. He has scored five goals this season, including two superb free-kicks.

Great player - should be in the Nederlands National team!

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2001

FC Groningen has decided not to buy left winger Peter Hoekstra from Ajax. Hoekstra is currently loaned out to the northern Eredivisie club, but has not made good enough an impression to actually get bought by Groningen. They club's management has a lot of faith in young left winger, Arjan Robben, who is said to be one of Holland's biggest talents of this moment.

This probably means Hoekstra will be coming back to Ajax after this season. I'm pretty sure Co won't use him, so best thing for him would be to find a new club.

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2001

I have that book it is a great read!

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2001

And ANOTHER article on the 70's! This time an interview with Jonny Rep (who's promoting David Winners book on Dutch football "Brilliant Orange").



-- Anonymous, April 11, 2001

The link below is to a recent article by Simon Kuper of the squad from '74, and how few of them have got high profile football jobs these days...,4284,470212,00.html


-- Anonymous, April 11, 2001

And how about this (also from TeamTalk): one more player from the legendary 1971-1973 team has found a new job as a coach...


FORMER DUTCH international Arie Haan has been appointed coach of Austria Wien, after joining them as technical manager in December last year. Troubles had arisen between Haan and former coach Heinz Hochhauser, and club owner Stronach decided to fire Hochhauser and made Haan the new coach.

Austria Wien currently lie 3rd in the Austrian League, 7 points behind leader FC Tirol. Before he went to Austria, 52-year-old Haan was at Omonia Nicoasia at Cyprus, and before that he has coached Anderlecht, Standard Liege, FC Nurnberg, VFB Stuttgart, Feyenoord, PAOL Saloniki and Paniniakos.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2001

This was confirmed in the Dutch press as well (taken from


DUTCH INTERNATIONAL striker Peter van Vossen is to quit Feyenoord as soon as possible after his weekend withdrawal by coach Bert van Marwijk. The early substitution last Sunday in the game against Willem II seems to be a move too much for the fiery Dutchman. Despite his anger about the substitution, van Vossen does not fully blame his coach.

"As everybody knows, I do not get too much playing time anymore at Feyenoord. That is very hard for a football player," he said. "It is not that I can not understand it, because there are a lot of good young players at Feyenoord, like Leonardo and Smolarek. Therefore, it is very hard for a coach to decide, and therefore I will not accuse him of anything. There is no point in that - I think both sides are to blame for the current situation.

"It is a tough decision, because Feyenoord has always been my club. Before I was an active professional player, I was a regular visitor of the Feyenoord matches. At the moment I can not make a move to another club, because the transfer market is closed, but after that I will search for another club, because I don't want to stop playing yet."

Van Vossen came to Feyenoord in 1998. Before that he played for SK Beveren, Anderlecht, AJAX, Istanbulspor and Glasgow Rangers. Last summer van Vossen was part of the Dutch national team during Euro 2000.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2001

The following posts were migrated from a Dean Gorre forum, now closed. Further discussion on all former Ajax players (except Jari Litmanen) should happen in this forum.
As well as Ajax, I also support a football team in England called Notts County. There is a rumour going round that they may sign Dean Gorre from Huddersfield Town. Huddersfield signed the ex-Holland U21 player from Ajax. I was wondering if anyone out there had an opinion on whether he's any good. Cheers,

-- Rudy (, March 06, 2001.

I don't know lots about Dean Gorre ,`beyond the facts that he is a midfielder and Ajacied , but here is what the Huddersfield Town Football Club site says: "Without doubt one of the most exciting players presently playing in the Nationwide First Division.Formerly, with Dutch champions AJAX , Dean joined Town in September 1999 and immediately set the McAlpine Stadium alight displaying instant control and the vision and awareness to unlock any defence.Awarded the 'Matchman of the Month'by Match magazine for the best player in the First Division for both January and February this year, Dean's season was curtailed by an ankle injury in March. Definitely a player to get the crowd on their feet".The comments may well be from the squad bios from the start of the campaign and be refering to last season ; but could his form be so different in the space of 1 year? Also, he cost Huddersfield 200,000 pounds so he may still be bought at a bargain.

-- Ben Bell (, March 07, 2001.

I remember Dean Gorre playing for Ajax. I think that he was here until 1997. I remember seeing him in the 97 Champion's League. He had pace, lots of pace. But his shooting(finishing) was pathetic. I don't think that even his passing was something to write home about. But then, at that time he had Litmanen, De Boers & Arveladze (well, he was in great form that season)playing around him. So his faults were covered. I hope he plays well for you.

-- Amol Joshi (, March 08, 2001.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

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