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Hello all I am a very big fan of Richard Gere I watch Pretty Woman all the time.My question is Does Ricahrd have an e-mail address and if so can I have it please? Thank you, SHANA

-- Shana Dawn Tweed (, March 12, 2001


Hello Shana,

I would like if you got the e-mail address of Richard Gere because I love him. If you got, please send to me for my e-mail. Excuse-me but my english isn't so good. Thanks, Marta Freire. e-mail

-- Marta Freire (, March 27, 2001.

A lot of Gere Fans would like his address. I once tried writing him at some NYC& at his ICM address. I never recieved a personlized RG written answer.

-- cappuccino382000 (, February 17, 2002.

hey guyz i dont know about you but i think that his name should be...Hot stuff... damn i am only 15 years old but i would love to meet him or talk to him... e-mail me if you see this RICHARD!!!! ILOVE YOU!,] ALWAYS, COURTNEY DENISE MOORE... p.s. i just watched pretty woman... i have the behinde the seens one... now i am going to watch "UNFAITHFUL"....:)THEN RUNAWAY BRIDE... DAMN I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN JULIA ROBERTS SHOES!!!!!

-- Richard's Girl (, June 12, 2003.

actually,i don't have gere's email address but i hope he surfe this web site to read my message to him. "you are a great actor mr:gere ,but this is a very traditional statement u've heared a lot ,the new thing i would like you to know that you are looking for the truth all the time although it is very near to you ,it just needs you to turn around and look deeply and i'm sure u'll finf it god willing before it becomes too late" your sister in humanity:amy

-- amy salam (, August 05, 2004.

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