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Just recently been to the CC in Bristol with B&W/Eversheds. Was notified after 7 years (in 1999) about a 1500 shortfall on my ex-wifes (jointly owned ) property form 1992. Original legal advice was to fight all the way. Just Lost on Friday 9th March 2001 - with the Judge? issuing a judgement of 35,000.!!!!! They have behaved outside the guidelines in the CML's remit by with holding information from me. Had to stop using council as their fees were becoming impossible. Any suggestions - I am currently waiting for an appointment with a new solicitor - but only have 28 days to come up with something.

-- Stuart Ruthven (, March 12, 2001


Stuart, how did they escalate the shortfall from 1500 to 35000? We also lost our case in '99, we are still fighting.

-- jacky jones (, March 12, 2001.

Go to the 'Who helps ?' section, and click on 'Paid help' - down the list you should find details on Derek McDonnell of Bobbetts Macken in Bristol. They appear worth a try - and they're local to the CC and if any good, will have credibility with BCC ?

Good luck ! Vic

-- Vic Harper (, March 12, 2001.

On exactly which grounds did you lose and was the shortfall escalated from 1500 to 35000?

If you tell us we may be able to help.

-- Eleanor Scott (, March 12, 2001.

Stuart, we need more info before we can help. Who were your original solicitors, what actions did they take etc etc. When you say information was withheld, what did you ask for, what did they refuse? Lots and lots of questions to consider. Shame really as I was in Bristol last week. Drop me a line.

-- Andy Turner (, March 20, 2001.


Absolutely. There are an awful lot of questions here, concerning what has happened to you.

I'm still hoping that you will get back to us, so we can all try to work through this & help.

all best,

-- Eleanor Scott (, March 22, 2001.

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