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I've added a modest new feature to the Middle School Science Teachers' Lounge, that allows you to post a "public" or private comment about major pieces of the site. The "Add a comment" link is at the bottom of the following pages:

Home Page, "Professional Growth" tips, "Grants Etc.", "Events" listing, "Project Requirement" descriptions, "About" (which describes the website itself), and the "Links" page.

This will allow someone, for example, who is reviewing the frameworks online to post a message that says "Hey, why isn't there anything here about evolution?" Or to suggest another link to a valuable website after viewing the links page. You can also click on the "Add a comment" link to see what others have written and respond to their comments.

Michael Gatton

-- Michael Gatton (, March 11, 2001


Don't you just love getting all these e-mails from the discussion forum? Now you can add your students' names to a similar mailing list and I'll SPAM them too! Since I am compiling now a list of sites that might be useful to students, I thought, "Why not send the information directly to them"?

It's a separate system that is basically a one-way communication from me to a list of students. Just add their names & e-mail addresses (with permission, of course) and whenever I find useful info or sites I will SPAM them. Here's the link to the list:

Science Students Mailing List.

You can also access the list at the bottom of the "Links" page. Michael Gatton

-- Michael Gatton (, March 14, 2001.

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