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Hi All,

This site is really helpful, a friend said to me how would I go on if I hadn't got the internet and found this site? I dread to think!

It is so nice to have someone to share your problem with who 'understands fully'.

Eleanor very kindly responded to my initial posting and advised me to serve SARN, which I am going to do, against my husbands wishes, he thinks we should ignore the letters. He says two of his collegues have been in the same situation and they ignored them and eventually they gave up.

We have had another letter, that makes three in a week! This is just the begining aswell so I dread to think what the total will be. The latest letter starts by saying they note no response and they are fully and reliably informed that we reside in the addressed property. Then they go on to say that the one off lump sum payment deadline has been extended. Then they get nasty and start to threaten high court proceedings, an attachment of earnings, bankruptcy and that it will then be for the full amount of 9450.00 plus interest.

I would like to know is it the norm for them to reduce the payment so quickly?

I don't know if we had MIG, will we find out from the SARN?

Is there anybody else out there who's mortgage was with N&P? I was just wandering, hoping, that because it was never with the Grabby they may not have all docs when I SARN.


Still shellshocked, Stacey.

-- stacey (, March 11, 2001


Ah - if your husband does not wish to serve a SARN, and he was party to the mortgage, then you could have a few problems here. I suspect that the lender would not have to divulge information to you about your husband, if you see what I mean, which could affect what you are allowed to see.

Personally I have found the information given to me, having served a 2nd SARN, very useful, for various reasons.

You might need to talk this through with your husband again.

I'm no expert of any of this, by the way.

I'm not sure lenders ever do just 'go away'. The information on this site seems to suggest that they just go quiet for periods of time and then start up again. It's this 'limbo' which I would very much like to eradicate. Lenders should either pur up or shut up - and make their intentions transparent (as per the Mortgage Code!).

-- Eleanor Scott (, March 12, 2001.

My lender (Halifax) would not give me any info. at all without the other borrower's signature-even though they knew that I did not know of his whereabouts and even if I did I would not have approached him, as they also knew that he had physically abused me.I think you need to talk to your husband -try to get him to look at this site.It's no good pretending that they will go away.You could end up spending many years dreading what comes in the post or who's knocking at your door. Don't want to sound too gloomy, but I wasted a few years like that- we've no reason to hide, we've done nothing wrong!You need to know as much as possible to put you in a stronger position.Good luck.

-- Michelle Rogers (, March 13, 2001.

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