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I believe the CofG streamliner, “Man O' War”, was inaugurated between Atlanta and Columbus on June 24, 1947. Could anyone please tell me if the other 1947 CofG streamliner, the Atlanta-Savannah “Nancy Hanks II”, was inaugurated on the same day? Thank you.

-- Stephen Dale (, March 11, 2001


i was born in savannah 4/30/47. i was a black market baby and rode the NHII from Savannah to Atlanta, from the time I was 4 months old until i was 12 years old. I was sent back in forth from sav to atl by the lady that waas trying to sell me. I was taken care of by a beautiful black woman who was the hostess. she was extremely kind to me. she always fed me and would take me to the lounge and sit me in there and sit with me when she wasn't busy. the lady that ws selling me kept records, and i made 47 trips in 12 years. i was never sold. i still was with the lady that was selling the babies when she died, her name was Myrtis Adams. all 47 trips was on the Nancy Hanks II. I still have my baby bib from there with the Nancy Hanks II logo on it and it is in perfect shape. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard anything about this woman? I have such fond memories of her kindness. She always said to me, "Miss Linda, if I was white, I'd buy you and take you home with me". Linda Hucks

-- linda hucks (, March 20, 2003.

Well, folks, I've got kaolin all over my face. After hearing from David and reading Allen's comment, I went back for a closer look at the alleged cancellations and noted that the first-day letter for the 'Nancy' was in fact postmarked 'Savannah, Ga.' without a date. Upon closer inspection, I find it does in fact bear the date of July 17, 1947 date stamped on the back of the envelope from the Hotel Richmond in Augusta, Georgia! Go figure.

-- Marv Clemons (, March 13, 2001.

Well, here's a few more tidbits of information gathered from several different passenger train files in the CGRHS archives. Apparently, the CofGa originally expected both the Man O' War and Nancy Hanks II trains to be delivered at approximately the same time. A joint celebration was planned for Atlanta, where both trains would be on display simultaneously. However, both Budd and ACF had difficulty with production schedules. In early May 1947, it became obvious that the Man O' War cars would be delivered about three weeks before the Nancy Hanks II cars.

Management didn't think it sensible to hold the Man O' War out of service until the Nancy Hanks II cars were delivered. Plans were made to put the Man O' War on display at Fort Benning on June 18, 1947. On June 19 and 20, it was on display at the Columbus Station. On June 21, it apparently made a non-revenue trip back to Atlanta, stopping at stations along the route for public inspection. The christening and inaugural revenue run to Atlanta was on June 24, 1947.

The Nancy Hanks II equipment was delayed. After similar public exhibitions, it made its first revenue run on July 17, 1947. There is some correspondence which suggests that the Man O' War and Nancy Hanks II may have been display at the same time in Atlanta in mid- July, but I haven't been able to document that actually happened.

Interestingly, in 1947, a round trip ticket on the Man O' War between Columbus and Atlanta cost $3.10.

-- Allen Tuten (, March 13, 2001.

Indeed, our Resident Historian is again 'right on' about the inauguration dates for the 'Nancy' and the 'Man 'O War.' I have first-day RPO cancellations of both trains dated June 24, 1947.

-- Marvin Clemons (, March 12, 2001.

Nancy Hanks II was inaugurated ("born") on July 17, 1947. Both trains celebrated their birthdays, at least through their fifth ones in 1952, with appropriate cakes and fanfare.

-- David Payne (, March 11, 2001.

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