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Was just curious about the legality of the technique. I don't understand how it works but I know it results in everything going away for no reason. The recording has been in the #1 spot for a while now.

Still having fun, though! Addicted to Anteater now. I had a game which was 214,000 the other day, but apparently I wasn't recording. So I'll have to try again.

-- Aaron Pieper (, March 10, 2001


I've seen this mentioned in the list of "secrets" in there. It works in all modes, and it's a pain to explain without ASCII art. I'll not bother putting it in here - anyone who wants the file I have that mentions this trick, e-mail me. (It also mentions how to get at the secret characters in challenge mode, and the path system there. It does, however, make the false statement that the max. time bonus is 75k, when I know 81k is possible, and I've heard someone here say they've gotten a 90250.)

-- Matt Denham (, March 11, 2001.

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