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I am considering taking the summer off from piano teaching (I've not done so ever before and could really use the break). Anyway, I would like to provide my students with some kind of assignment for them to be working on during this time. I'm not sure quite what to assign though and would appreciate anyone's suggestions. I teach elementary-advanced levels. Thanks.

-- Gretchen T. (, March 10, 2001


Gretchen: I am taking the summer off, too! I've done this before and found that students benefit from having assignments that are outlined by the month. I have them get two books that are just at or below their current level with NO new concepts or technical requirements. It's also fun to assign lighter literature during this time or duet literature if a parent, sibling or friend also plays.

A sample assignment for a 1st year student might include Popular Favorites 1 by Faber and Five Finger Boogie by Glover. I would outline assignments for June, even breaking it down into weekly groups of pieces and then doing the same for July and August.

The August assignment can include picking their three or four favorite pieces to polish for their first lesson in September.

I always include some kind of creative work, a list of CD's that would be fun for them to listen to and a listing of any cultural events that are taking place during the summer.

Have a great vacation! I think we all deserve a sabbatical sometime.

-- Arlene Steffen (, March 12, 2001.

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