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Sorry! missed the N off SARN!

-- Debbie (, March 10, 2001


No Problem! This site seems to have created a whole new verb, To SARN.

I SARN (present)

I SARNed (past simple)

I was SARNing (past continuous)

I have SARNed (past perfect)

I had SARNed (pluperfect)

I will SARN (future pretentious)

Will it get into the Oxford Dictionary?

-- Eleanor Scott (, March 10, 2001.


If you are thinking of submitting this for the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary maybe we should ask for definitions for each of the lenders to be included. I'm sure if we ask the readers of this page for their definitions of their lenders the entries would be somewhat colourful should we say! :)

Regards Tim

-- Tim Heath (, March 10, 2001.


Lets hope so!!!!!! Thanks for the Laugh!


-- Debbie (, March 10, 2001.

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