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Does anyone know where this rhythm program can be purchased? I have used it with my students for years to develop a strong rhythm beat and to force students to observe the rhythm patterns without my having to be the heavy. It is a great teaching aid but may no longer be available. Thanks for any info you have.

Flo Arnold

-- Flo Arnold (flo@pianimals.com), March 10, 2001


MusicWare, the seller of Rhythmaticity (Basic and Advanced versions for DOS) seems to be temporarily, or permanently, unavailable -- at least via their website. You might try e-mailing them at info@musicware.com (new address?) or tech@musicwareinc.com (last address I used) or calling them at 1-800-997-4266 (this number was still operational last summer). I was able to still download demos at their older Halycon site ( http://www.halcyon.com/musicware/demos.html ), but if you are familiar with the program this probably isn't necessary.

Rhythmaticity was never developed as a Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 program and although it is one of the best rhythm programs available, compatibility wasn't it's strong point. Timing problems within Windows makes rhythm programs tricky and not many good ones are available.

If you aren't familiar with the following programs, you might give them a try as an alternative to Rhythmaticity:

Rhythm Ace for Windows ($49.95 from Alfred Publishing -- DOS demo available at http://www.alfredpub.com/software/nmdemos.html , but the Windows version is almost the same) is the closest to Rhythmaticity you'll find, plus it offers two-hand exercises and the option of creating your own custom rhythmic exercises.

Rhythmic Hearing ($49.95 from Musical Hearing -- demo available at http://www.musicalhearing.com/ ) doesn't allow MIDI keyboard input but it does help students to develop their internal sense of rhythm.

Rhythm Tutor ($19.95 download -- demo available at http://members.aol.com/coppersoft/rhythm.html ) has a totally different approach to teaching rhythm and isn't a very sophisticated program, but it can be very helpful. The demo is extremely limited but a detailed review is available at the Piano Education Page http://www.unm.edu/~loritaf/pnortutr.html and this review is better than is typical for their site.

What is the law concerning software that is no longer available? Are you allowed to make copies if you get permission (like with sheet music)? And if the software company can't be reached, can you make copies without permission? If you still have a copy of Rhythmaticity, you might check into this.

-- Sakura (noname_poster@yahoo.com), March 21, 2001.

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