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Recently received a weighty document back from Nationwide under SAR. Lots of interesting reading!

They kindly make no charge for such requests and, in my case, have been very prompt. Have heard nothing from 'Collections Dept' at Nationwide for some 6 weeks now - I copied that Department in on my letter requesting SAR from Data Protection Department.

It appears that the Society had as many problems trying to sell my flat as I had. They had two buyers pull out and eventually sold it at auction nearly 12 months after repossesion in March 1995.

A word of caution to all in this situation. It seems they tracked me down - I have moved twice since 1995 - using system called BIG TIM (Borrowers Integrated General Tracking & Information Management System). This system picks up any applications for credit (cards, loans etc) you may make and crossreferences your name and date of birth. Suddenly whoevers chasing you has new home address, home phone and, in my case, mobile phone number.

Please don't apply for credit if you have been repossesed. Not sur how long this system operates for or for how long the information will be if use to them.

Assume this BIG TIM system is something all lenders operate.

Good Luck to all.


-- Guy Eastwood (, March 09, 2001


Thanks Guy,

Always appreciate interesting tips like this. Your advice to repossessees to try to keep off credit is very sound.

For any lenders staff who are reading this, if there is something you want to blow the whistle on anonymously, please use this link to our lenders' staff form:

We always treat received material in confidence.


-- Lee (, March 09, 2001.

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