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Biomechanics of swimming and in particular Freestyle

-- Jade Melody Pengelly (, March 08, 2001


Are u able to send me some info about the freestyle swimmig stroke and the biomechanics involved. This info will help my complete a project used in a 7th form phyiscal education project due in at the end of this week..

This would be a great help..

Beanie. (Johnaton)

-- johnathon mcfarlane (, June 04, 2001.

i think that "science of swimming" counsilman's book could healp you. it has a good mechanical anlysis in freestyle. can you healp me to find idea in my project(biomechanics- swimming)

-- waseem ziad (, June 23, 2001.

you should really get yourself some info before setting up a site, it's really annyoying

-- Craig (, September 05, 2001.

I recommend that you search for articles written by Marilyn Pink. Specificly, her article in the awmerican journal of sports medicine titled the normal shoulder during freesytle swimming. Also search for authors such as Frank W. Jobe, Gordon W. Nuber, Jacquelin Perry, and Toshimasa Yanai.

Let me know about any updates. Tha

-- Zach Sutton (, December 02, 2001.

i'm doing a research assignment on the bio-mechanics of freestyle so if you have any info on this or any other strokes could u send it to me. A.S.A.P.

-- anthony parkers (, February 10, 2002.

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-- tobias brooke (, October 23, 2003.

i am doing an assignment on the bio-mechanics of swimming but it is not that easy to get it so if anyone could send me some information so that i could get stared that would be absolutley great.

thanks a bunch


-- sammykins (, April 04, 2004.

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