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I have a hen problem that has me stumped. When one of my hens raised her wings I noticed a large, ugly bare patch of raw flesh under the wing. I caught her and she has the same thing under the other wing. I have never seen this before. They are not free range chickens. No one else has it. Our rooster is huge, could he be the problem even if no others are affected? Hope it's not contagious. Rita

-- Rita Glyn-Jones (, March 07, 2001


Response to Chicken problem

You did remove her just in case, right? Now then.... Usually a Rooster will get the back, breast, legs or head. Though I've never had a problem with wings, I suppose its possible.

Check the birds for lice. Some have a more allergic reaction than others. Then... there is my old standby - mange. It isn't too much of a problem unless it spreads. If there are no little critters, and it isn't the rooster, give her a good dunking in sulfur water (bout a tablespoon flowers of sulfur in a gallon of water) and make sure its all over her.

Plug your nose, and don't worry too much. Once per week for three weeks ought to clear it up - works with ticks, fleas, lice and a whole bunch of other little uglies. But.... Keep affected birds seperate, even if treating the whole flock. And, change the water between dunking the obviously infected and the non-infected birds.

-- Sue Diederich (, March 07, 2001.

Response to Chicken problem

Forgot.... it will not hurt them to injest it, nor will it affect them more than a few minutes if it gets in their eyes. The eyes will turn red(der) and tear for a bit is all.

Thought I'd let you know so you don't get worried that you hurt any of them....

-- Sue Diederich (, March 07, 2001.

Response to Chicken problem

We had this exact same thing happen with our americana hen! I brought her inside, washed the wound (it was pretty big and in the exact same place you mentioned).I was worried she would get an infection and die because not only was there a big pussing abcess, but also a hole ripped in her skin that went down to the muscle. It was caused by the rooster treading (scratching her back while mating her).Well the rooster was already aggressive, and knowing that he was damaging the girls, he was sent to rooster heaven. she healed up fine and is back to laying an egg a day.

-- elizabeth (, March 07, 2001.

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